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Kotor walk, food & wine tour

Kotor walk, food & wine tour
*Recommended for hotel and cruiser guests
„We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time“.
Respected guests of Kotor, welcome!
There is no better way to get more acquaintanced with this outstanding and one of the most preserved fortified medieval cities worldwide than to take our walking tour. Hidden beneath the mountain of Lovćen, in the heart of the breathtaking Boka bay, this jewel of Adriatic sea is unmatched in its beauty that is represented through assimilation of different culture influences whose signatures are more than visible even now. Every single piece of this town is hiding story on its own written by Ottomans, Venetians and Christians. Join us on this tour and help us to reveal all secrets that are lying around!
Prepare your senses for all types of joy in beautiful town. We start our nice walk and casual chat with our guide who will meet you with the most of what you shouldn't miss while you are here.
Map of Tour:
Here you can take a quick look of Kotor Old Town on 360° view:
1. Meeting point, in front of Entrance of Old Town Kotor
2. Arms Square
3. Town Clock Tower
4. Bizanti and Beskuća palace
5. Flower Square
6. Cathedral of Saint Tryphon
7. Maritime Museum
8. Karampana square
9. Church of Saint Luke
10. Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church
11. Church of Saint Mary
12. North Gate
Our walking tour Kotor start with the guide in the front of the main gate (1). He will take you to place of merchants and sailors and lead you through two and a half thousand years of history of this amazing fortification. Kotor as we know now was built between 12th and 14th century and contains numerous monuments of historical heritage and outstanding medieval architecture as well, which have made Kotor a UNESCO listed „World Natural and Historical Heritage Site“.
When you enter the Old Town, you’ll step on the main town square, that is Arms Square (2), with the Town Clock Tower (3) which dates back from 1602. By the tower facade there is a pyramidal pillar, a pillory, a testimony of the moral as well as legal norms respected in the town.
Town Clock Tower
On your way to Flower Square (4), you’ll pass beautiful architecture which reflect in monumental palaces of families Bizanti and Beskuća (5), followed by the great story and legends about those noble residents.
Near the most beautiful palace in Kotor - Pima, there you’ll find the diamond of this town -Cathedral of St Tryphon (6) that was built in honor of the St Tryphon, patron and protector of the city, on the same place where older church, that was built 809, had already existed long ago.
St Tryphon Cathedral
After you proceed to the Maritime Museum (7), place that holds collections of items that represent sailing history of this area and the way of a living as well. Maritime Museum is must see place in Kotor.
Maritime Museum
Path leads you to Church of Saint Luke (8) that used to be a Catholic school, more precisely until the middle of XVII century, but later because of the wars and the arrival of the Orthodox people in Kotor it was given to Orthodox believers for use and it represents a testimony about the harmonious co-existence of Catholic and Orthodox people. The church today is significant because of the fact that it has two altars, a Catholic and an Orthodox one. The floor in the church was made of tomb panels on joined graves of citizens of Kotor, because until 1930’s the burring were held in the church itself.
St Luka's church
On your way to Saint Luke’s church, you’ll pass by Karampana square (9).
Right next to Saint Luka church is Saint Nicholas (10) church (built in 1909.) that possesses a rich collection of icons and a beautiful iconostasis made by Cigler, a Czech artist.
St Nicholas church
Church of Saint Mary (11) that is built in 1221 on the site of a 6th-century basilica, is not something you want to skip. This Catholic church is distinguished by impressive 20th-century bronze doors covered in bas-reliefs, a particularly gruesome larger-than-life crucifix, and a glass coffin containing the body of Blessed Osanna of Cattaro (1493–1565). She was what is known as an anchoress, choosing to be walled into a small cell attached to a church so as to devote her life to prayer.
Church of Saint Mary
After the church of St Mary, you’ll be headed to North Gate of Kotor (12) that was built in in remembrance of the battle against Otoman empire that occurred 1539; one year later gate was built. From that point you can see the shortest river in Montenegro, Škurda.
View from North Gate
And for the end of this walking tour we recommend food&wine (optional) tasting before we continue to Budva (optional).
After doing a walking tour in Kotor on your demand we can continue to Budva, other coastline town not to miss.
Budva Old Town lies on a small peninsula and represents a treasure chest of culture heritage. Crossed with narrow streets and squares are famous buildings, the church of Holy Trinity, churches of St. Ivan, St. Sava and Our Lady “In punta”.
The Citadel and the antique necropolis discovered in 1937. Are located between the Old Town and foot of the Spas Hill.
Budva’s walls were built straight out of the Adriatic sea and what we see today is really only a fraction of the city’s splendor at it’s height, preserved with loving care by the local residents of Budva who are proud of their long history.

Old Town Budva

After we finish with Budva Old Town we will take short ride for a photo stop to Sveti Stefan, the tiny islet which is the most iconic image associated with Montenegro. Formerly a fisherman village, all of the buildings were acquired by the Yugoslav government and turned into an upscale hotel during the president Tito regime. Today, the island is a five star franchise hotel of the international group of Aman Resorts, and only guests of the luxury resort can access it.
Sveti Stefan
90min – Kotor walking tour (Old Town Kotor historical sites), food & wine tasting are optional
If you decide to go to Budva:
30min - Ride to Budva
60min - Walking tour of Budva
15min - Ride to St. Stefan and photo break
40min - Driving back to Kotor
Departure point  (meeting place) is in front of the 360Monte travel agency office in the Old town Kotor.
Price: 20€ per person  / Minimum 2 to apply (includes entrance fee to the Maritime Museum and cathedral)
Budva surcharge for group: 50€ up to 4 persons, 80€ (between 5 and 8 persons)
Not included: food&wine tasting (8€-24€)
You should bring:
A bottle of drinking water, sun screen, sun glasses, hat, camera, extra money for snacks/souvenirs.

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