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If you are in need or believe in miracle visit holy sites of Montenegro with hundreds of accounted miraculous healings.

We start our tour from Kotor at 8.30am andwe are heading to our first point of interest – Cetinje Monastery (Cetinjski Manastir). Its settled in Cetinje – the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro.

The medieval Cetinje Monastery, also known as the Old Cetinje Monastery, was built by Ivan Crnojević in 1484, and founded on 4 January 1485, at Cipur, and dedicated to the birth of the Virgin Mary (Hram Roždestva presvete Bogorodice). 

Arrival at Cetinje monastery is planned for 9:45am. In monastery are kept several very important relics.

Cetinje monastery

The most significant relic is Icon Filermosa Mother of the God, which dates from the 11th century, and it is considered to be the most famous black icon in the world. It had amazing and very turbulent history. This icon has a long and turbulent history, for it is the same icon that was venerated in St John’s in Valletta. The icon was venerated behind a crystal panel and it had four silver ‘robes’ set with pearls and other precious stones. The Order of St John considered two sacred images as its most holy relics – the Hand of St John, a gift from the Turkish Sultan to the Grand Master at the fall of Jerusalem, and the Madonna of Phileremos.

This blackish icon was considered by the Knights to be miraculous and they took special care to protect it and took it with them, along with the Hand, when they were forced out of Rhodes.

Right hand of Jonh Baptist-hand which Jesus was baptized seen by millions so far.

Third famous relic is Particle of the True Cross.

We will have and hour and a half to explore Cetinje monastery, short walk and breakfast break.

Icon Filermosa

After we finish visiting Cetinje we are going to the capital of Montenegro – Podgorica. The city is located in central part of Montenegro.  It is the administrative centre of Montenegro and its economic, cultural and educational focus.

Our main point of interest here is the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ (Saborni Hran Hristovog Vakrsenja). Arrival is planned for midday with up to 45 minutes exploring.

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

Construction began in 1993 and occurred in 2014, October. The cathedral is located in the "New Town" of Podgorica (west of the Moraca River). In the close proximity of the cathedral, there is an old Christian necropolis with foundations of a cathedral church from the first millennium.  Very interesting are the colorful walls and icons inside of it.

The temple is dominated by two brick–towers, that are 26.7 meters high, and 17 bells are situated in its loft. The weight of the haviest one is around 11 tons and it is the largest bell in Balkan. At foot of the towers are chapels (small churches), dedicated to St. Simeon (with baptisery) and to St. Jovan Vladimir. 

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ by night

At 1:00pm we are taking an hour ride towards Ostrog Monastery.  It is one of the holiest sites in orthodox Christianity and the most popular pilgrimage place in South East Europe.

Ostrog monastery

Monastery is dedicated to Saint Basil (Sveti Vasijije) of Ostrog. From the monastery amazing view of the Bjelopavlići plain can be seen. According to the stories of pilgrims and many witnesses, after praying by his relics, numerous have been cured and helped in lessening the difficulties in their lives.  It is meeting place of all confessions: the Orthodox, Catholics and Muslim who all came to pray for miracle in past centuries.

Ostrog monastery

The Monastery was founded by Vasilije,  the Metropolitan Bishop of Herzegovina in the 17th century. He died there in 1671 and some years later he was glorified.

The present-day look was given to the Monastery in 1923-1926, after a fire which had destroyed the major part of the complex. Fortunately, the two little cave-churches were spared and they are the key areas of the monument.

Ostrog monastery

At Ostrog Monastery we have one hour to explore it and enjoy the surrounding views.

After the exploraration we are heading towards nearby traditional restaurant placed in Bogetici to try best of north Montenegrin cuisine (lamb in milk, cicvara, kacamak). One our lunch break for tasting good food, drink good beer and have a nice chat.

Food from Montenegrin cuisine

At 5:00pm we are heading to Kotor and enjoy our ride back. Few photo stops possible on the way back.




8:30 - Start from Kotor

9:45 - Arrival at Cetinje Monastery, exploring, breakfast

12:00 – Arrival in Podgorica, visiting Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

14:00 – Arrival at Ostrog Monastery, exploration

15:30 – lunch break

17:00 – departure to Kotor

20:00 – Arrival in Kotor

Departure point  (meeting place) is in front of the 360Monte travel agency office in the Old town Kotor.


Price :  35 € per person (incudes transport & English or Russian speaking tour guide)

The entrance fees are not included in the price.

Food and drinks are not included in the price.

Minimum group of people is 4. Everyone can participate.

Times of arrival to certain places can vary depending on traffic jams and tourist crowds.

You can also take this tour from Budva and visit Cetinje Monastery, Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ and Ostrog monastery with us.


You can ask for all information via email: info@360monte.me



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