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  • Discover The Bay of Kotor at its finest and most authentic way
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Experience the Bay of Kotor with a custom made boat for the most enjoyable journey on water – welcome to Kotor Bay Cruise!


We embark in Kotor and shortly there after we make our first stop at the famous island Our Lady of the Rocks, with a visit to the church and a museum. From there we head straight towards the Blue Cave passing the entire length of Kotor Bay, finally reaching the open sea. Our next stop is the notorious former prison "Mamula", located on an abandoned island near the mouth of the bay. We take a break at the beach Žanjice for lunch and swimming in shimmering blue water. From there we sail back to Kotor and make another stop for jumping into translucent blue water. Along the ride we enjoy astonishing scenery with dramatic sunsets.


  • DURATION: up to 6:30 hours
  • INCLUDED: transportation by boat, proffesional tour guide in English language, entrance fee to the church and museum, 0.5l bottle of water per person, fruit
  • NOT INCLUDED: food and other drinks
  • WHAT TO BRING: swimsuit, towel, suncream, sunglasses, hat, appropriate clothing for the church
  • HIGHLIGHTS: cruise along the bay, Perast town promenade, Island Our Lady of the Rocks, church and museum, swimming in the Blue Cave, island Mamula, Žanjice beach, Rose village, tunnels of yugoslavian army, swimming in the middle of the bay, ride back with the view of Stoliv, Prčanj and Muo

The tour starts at 10:30

MEETING POINT – "360 Monte" Travel Agency office.

Please find our location HERE.

MEETING POINT CRUISER GUESTS – Kotor port exit gate.

With this unique boat tour we discover The Bay of Kotor at its finest and most authentic way. High majestic mountains above, caves, beaches and historical sites will reveal the story that started back in ancient times.

Kotor Cruise - Panorama of Boka Bay

Panorama of Boka Bay

We start from Kotor at 10:30. After 20 minutes, we make our first stop at the most famous man-made island in Montenegro – Our Lady of the Rocks.

Kotor Boat

According to the legend, the islet was made over the centuries by local seamen who kept an ancient oath after finding the icon of Madonna and the Child in the sea on July 22, 1452. Upon returning from each successful voyage, they laid a rock in the Bay. Over time, the islet gradually emerged from the sea. The custom of throwing rocks into the sea is alive even today. Every year on the sunset of July 22 an event called “Fašinada” is celebrated, when local residents throw rocks into the sea from boats, to insure that island remains stable.

Our Lady of Rocks and St. George

Our Lady of Rocks and St. George

30 minutes at the island is just enough to see the 17th century church and museum with all the gifts and offerings ever given to the miraculous protector.

Inside of the Church at the island

Inside of the Church at the island

Next to island of Our Lady, there is St. George. A natural island with a 9th century church and practicing monks living a reclusive lifestyle.

Kotor Bay

Adjacent to these two island jewels, lies another relevant baroque town – Perast. From the interaction between mainland and bay, the inherent contrast of stone and water, the dialogue of island and wave, this seafarers’ town has derived its unity, strength and sense of purpose.



From here we experience an enjoyable and scenic cruise towards Blue Cave and pass Risan, Tivat and Heceg Novi Bay.


As we sail out from the calm waters of the Bay, we reach the open sea and soon arrive at the most attractive cave in region – the enthralling Blue Cave!

Blue cave entrance

Blue cave entrance

The cave has two entrances. Through the larger smaller vessels can enter and allow tourists to experience the incredible game of light and water in the grotto’s interior.

Blue cave

Blue cave

The shades of blue will hardly be able to be seen anywhere in the world, and clear illuminating water calls you to dive into this this natural theatre atmosphere.

Blue cave

Blue cave

This magnificent place is not the only attraction in this part of the Bay – the next stop is a former concentration camp and prison from WW1 and WW2, known as "Mamula", or, as many locals call it, The Montenegrin Alcatraz.

Former prison Mamula

Former prison Mamula

Lastavica Island in the Adriatic Sea (also named Mamula due to the fort) is one of our top attractions in Montenegro. The fort on the island was built in 1853 by Austro-Hungarian General Lazar Mamula and has been named after him ever since. Mamula was not originally made to be a prison, but rather a defensive fort. Its location in the middle of the mouth of the bay and offered an excellent defensive position.

Inside of Mamula

Inside of Mamula

During our walk and exploration of the island you will see the untouched World War II remains, during which time Italian Mussolini had the Mamula fort converted into a concentration camp well known for brutal torture and cruelty to prisoners. There are still many devices, equipment and rooms kept in their original format to see.

Mamula and Arza fortifications in the background

Mamula and Arza fortifications in the background

After exploring this infamous island, we turn our boat towards Žanjice Beach, taking a 1-1/2 hour break for lunch and swimming.

Three seconds to find a girl on this photo

Three seconds to find a girl on this photo

Nearby, there a small, beautiful, tucked-away village called "Rose" to be discovered – named by a rose in Italian. Many would say that this place is a new fisherman’s village, but it actually is one of the oldest settlements in entire Bay of Kotor, wherefrom many prominent captains and teachers originated. Its magnificent beauty will charm you to return for a longer visit.

Rose village

Rose village

After a short relaxing break, we begin our return journey to Kotor, chased by the setting sun behind us.

Sunset Kotor

On our way back we’ll pass former military tunnels strategically hidden in rocks, where the Yugoslavian Navy stored torpedoes and submarines during the war.

Our captain will approach these tunnels as closely as the conditions allows (maybe even enter inside if the sea is calm), offering an even closer look at this unusual historical site.

While sailing on glittering water with wonderful scenery all around, we won’t miss an opportunity to catch a swim in the middle of the Bay - with the perfect water temperature at this time of day. As we approach our disembark point, we’ll closely pass old beautiful villages on the Vrmac Ridge side of the Bay, including: Stoliv, Prčanj and Muo.

Sunset Kotor


10:30 Embark in Kotor (from the agreed location)

10:50 Arrival at the island Our Lady of Rocks, visit to Church and museum

11:30 Cruise to the Blue Cave

12:15 Arrival to the Blue Cave, swimming break

12:45 Ride to Mamula

13:00 Arrival to Mamula, visit to former prison

13:45 Cruise to Žanjice beach

14:00 Arrival to Žanjice beach, lunch break

15:30 Ride to village Rose, sightseeing walk

16:00 Cruise back to Kotor

16:15 Stop at the tunnels for exploring and swimming break

17:00 Disembark in Kotor



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