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Kotor Cruise FULL DAY

The Best Of Boka Bay

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Experience Boka bay with a custom made cruise boat for the most enjoyable journey on water – welcome to Kotor bay Cruise!

We embark in Kotor and shorty after we have our first swimming break to cool down from a hot day. Refreshed, we are headed straight towards the Blue Cave passing entire bay and as we go around the famous former prison "Mamula" we reach the open sea. Swimming in fluorescent blue water inside of a natural cave is one of the best attractions of Boka Bay!

Time for lunch break at the beach Dobreč to regain our energy..
From there we sail back to Kotor and make another stop for Yugoslavian military tunnels. Don’t miss another quick jump into clear ink blue water here!
The evening hours are the best time to visit famous island Our Lady of Rocks, both church and a museum, when all the tourists are gone.
Now we are ready to go back home! Relaxing ride back followed by astonishing scenery and burning sunset.


10.00 am Embark in Kotor (from the agreed location)

10.50 am Swimming break near Bijela

11.10 am Ride to Mamula

11.40 pm Cruise around Mamula, exit to the open sea

12.20 pm Arrival to Blue Cave, swimming breake

12.50 pm Cruise to Dobreč beach

01.30 pm Lunch break

03.00 pm Ride to submarine tunnels

3.15 pm Stop at the tunnels, swimming break near by

03.45 pm Ride to Our Lady of Rocks Island

04.30 pm Arrival at the island Our Lady of Rocks, visit to the Church and museum

05.10 pm Ride back to Kotor

06.00 pm Disembark in Kotor

The itinerary is informative only. Will be flexible and dependent upon weather, traffic, safety or any other unforeseen events.


For booking or any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


Or click HERE to book directly.

Start time 10:00 am

MEETING POINT – "360 Monte" Travel Agency office.

Please find our location HERE.
Kotor Boat Tour

With this unique boat tour we discover Boka Bay at its finest and most trustworthy way. Beautiful scenery with high mountains above the water, beaches, caves and historical sites will take your breath away and revile the story that started back in ancient times.


  • DURATION: up to 8 hours
  • INCLUDED: transportation by boat, professional tour guide in English language, entrance fee to the church and museum, fruit, welcoming champagne and shots
  • NOT INCLUDED: food, other drinks, tips for guide
  • Food and drinks are not allowed on boat
  • WHAT TO BRING: swimming suit, towel, sun cream, sunglasses, hat, appropriate clothing for the church
  • HIGHLIGHTS: ride along the bay, Perast town promenade, swimming in the Blue Cave, going around island Mamula, Dobreč beach, tunnels of Yugoslavian army, Island Our Lady of the Rocks, church and museum, swimming in the middle of the bay, ride back with the view of Stoliv, Prčanj and Muo
Kotor Cruise - Panorama of Boka Bay

We start from Kotor at 10.00 am and sail along the bay followed by the beautiful scenery and refreshing breeze.

Kotor Boat

After 20 minutes we pass the most complete baroque town of Perast, along with two famous islands Our Lady of Rocks (which we will visit on our way back) and St. George.





The best way to cool down is to have a stop in the middle of the bay and dive into the crystal ink blue water near Bijela.

The best way to cool down is to have a stop in the middle of the bay and dive into the crystal ink blue water near Bijela.

Now refreshed and relaxed, we continue towards the mouth of the bay, in the distance viewing towns of Tivat and Herceg Novi.

Soon, on the horizon, at the very entrance of Boka Bay we spot former fortified prison and concentration camp called „Mamula“. As the entrance to the island is no longer allowed, we’ll be passing all around to carefully seize the wild interlace of history and nature.

Former prison Mamula

Former prison Mamula

Originally, “Mamula” was never made to be a prison, but a defensive fort, being located in the middle of the “bay mouth” and having the best blocking position. However, in the World War II Italians converted the fort into a concentration camp well known for brutal torture and cruelty to prisoners.


We reach out the open sea and soon arrive to most attractive cave in region – its majesty, the Blue Cave!

As we sail out from the calm waters of the bay, we reach out the open sea and soon arrive to most attractive cave in region – its majesty, the Blue Cave!

We reach out the open sea.

The cave has two openings. Through the larger entrance a boat and smaller vessels can enter the cave and allow tourists to attend the incredible game of light and water in the interior.

Blue Cave

These shades of blue will hardly be able to see anywhere in the world, and clear illuminating water calls you to dive into this atmosphere of this natural theatre.
Don’t miss to be part of this blue world, jump in to create some glooming water around!

Blue Cave

It’s already 13:30 h and right time to regain energy with lunch break at Dobreč beach.


Lunch break at Žanjice beach

After relaxing and necessary lunch break, we are heading back to Kotor with few more stops to come.

First one is former military tunnels - strategically hidden in rocks, where Yugoslavian navy stored their torpedoes and submarines during the war.

Our captain will approach these tunnels as much as the boat allows (maybe even enter inside if the sea is calm), so you can explore this historical site.

Kotor Booat Tour

We’ll use this opportunity to have another swim break at the deep waters of the bay, before we dress up for the visit to the church at the island Our Lady of Rock, as this is our next stop.

Visit to the church at the island Our Lady of Rock

According to the legend, the islet was made over the centuries by local seamen after finding the icon of Madonna and the Child on the rock in the sea on July 22, 1452. Over time, the islet gradually emerged from the sea. It took 100 years to build the isle and 100 more to complete the church. Now, Our Lady of Rocks is protector of all seamen who come to Boka Bay.

Your tour guide will make sure to inform you about more details about the island, church and museum.


Inside of the Church at the island

Inside of the Church at the island

Next to island of Our Lady, there is a natural one, St. George with a church from 9th century and actual monks living isolated, hence the entrance is strictly forbidden for tourists.

While sailing on glittering water with wonderful scenery around, we don’t miss opportunity to catch a perfect sunset photo before ending our journey.

Sunset Kotor

As we approach our disembark point, we’ll pass old beautiful villages on the opposite side of the Bay: Stoliv, Prčanj and Muo.


Beach Sunset Kotor



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  • Discover The Bay of Kotor at its finest and most authentic way
  • The most enjoyable journey on water
  • Swimming in shimmering blue water
  • Rose - sunset
  • Yacht sunset


  • 20.08.2019 AT 15:36:46  Reply

    We were not able to complete the tour due to weather conditions. We did 3hours instead of 8. The guys reimbursed full fee. Their staff was courteous, knowledgeable and fun to have around.

  • 19.08.2019 AT 21:13:07  Reply

    Our Kotor Bay day tour had to be aborted af a couple of hours because of an upcoming storm; on their own initiative they FULLY (!) refunded our 5 pax payment and refused any partial payment which we felt needed because they did sail out with us for about 3 hours, gave us a guided visit of the Lady of the Rocks island, offered us drinks & fruits... I will recommend this righteous company to anyone !

  • 19.08.2019 AT 20:34:37  Reply

    Great experience...great accommodation. Luca and mosquito were wonderful 🍹!

  • 13.08.2019 AT 15:20:24  Reply

    We had a great experience with The Great Montenegro tour as well as the Kotor Bay Cruise. Both guides were so knowledgeable and fun. If we wanted to stop or change the itinerary a little they were 100% accommodating. I would definitely recommend either tour. Both were worth every penny!

  • 13.08.2019 AT 14:54:06  Reply

    Great staff, great tour, great day! Thanks to Luka and the team

  • 06.08.2019 AT 15:16:29  Reply

    We truly loved our Kotor Cruie and it was the highlight of our trip!

  • 05.08.2019 AT 14:08:19  Reply

    Absolutly amazing. Captain, guide, schedule.. everything was well organized and I have nothing to complain about.. I could have stayed on that boat for the rest of the week,

  • 01.08.2019 AT 15:38:42  Reply

    We had a great day on the full day boat trip. Our guy, Luca was fantastic and was very knowledgeable and attentive to the guest. Definitely recommend this trip for all ages.

  • 28.07.2019 AT 10:30:39  Reply

    Absolutely fantastic tour. Reviews on other websites already rate & recommend this tour highly, but let me tell you, there is no tour of the bay of Kotor that could possibly beat this. And then there’s the price and itinerary - ridiculously reasonable for the value/content/attention. The boat is special in itself, with the roof-top chill out area, and the crew is also very accommodating (4 crew members for a group of 17, so great attention to customer safety and comfort). Our tour guide was Milos, really nice guy and also extremely knowledgeable when it came to Kotor/Montenegrin history. We were a group of 4, including two children aged 8 and 13, and this was the perfect tour. There were also young couples who had a great time so this really is for everyone. The various stop-overs for swimming, the beautiful sports around the bay and the drinks, fresh fruit, etc. Simply amazing. 5* guys, keep up the exceptional work!! You certainly make Kotor and Montenegro proud. A million thanks for such a special experience, my family will cherish this forever. Regards, Dwayne - your first family from Gibraltar ;-)

  • 27.07.2019 AT 13:29:12  Reply

    I would definitely recommend this tour to everyone! Our tour guide Milos was absolutely amazing. They show you beautiful places with amazing swimsuits. 5 out of 5 *

  • 26.07.2019 AT 14:10:14  Reply

    This was the perfect and the best day in our holidays in Monténégro. 10 / 10. No more, no less !

  • 23.07.2019 AT 10:01:55  Reply

    We loved seeing dolphins and the kids loved lounging on the bean bags on the top deck. The crew always checked we were happy. The boat was big, clean and comfortable. A great day that we all enjoyed :)

  • 22.07.2019 AT 11:34:37  Reply

    Amazing tour and great crew.

  • 08.07.2019 AT 15:59:45  Reply

    Excellent tour! The tour guide and crew were super friendly and the boat is very comfortable. Had a great day highly recommend!

  • 04.07.2019 AT 14:15:45  Reply

    Thanks Milosz, great trip! Fun and relaxing and everything worked nicely.

  • 01.07.2019 AT 16:39:06  Reply

    Highly recommended!!

  • 01.07.2019 AT 15:03:26  Reply

    Highly recomment, very nice service, great tour!!!

  • 24.06.2019 AT 21:12:36  Reply

    Great day with Luca and the crew!

  • 26.09.2018 AT 01:01:47  Reply

    This cruise was brilliant. We had dolphins follow the boat at one point. Captain and guide excellent.

  • 16.09.2018 AT 18:04:08  Reply

    Excellent trip with 360monte easy online booking. The trip itself was great from start to finish. Our guide DAP I think this was his name was really good at telling us the history of Boka bay as we travelled around. The boat was new and really comfortable. The Captain and his mate were friendly and helpful. It was really relaxing day

  • 13.09.2018 AT 18:30:48  Reply

    Staff were wonderful, loved all the swimming and the sparkling wine was a great touch!

  • 06.09.2018 AT 20:36:40  Reply

    We really enjoyed the beautiful and relaxing day bay cruise trip fromKotor. Throughout the day there we visited beautiful swimming spots and were nurtured with towels, drinks, fresh fruit and Rakija. Our guide and host was extensively elaborating on the history of this area and it’s ancient buildings. We really loved the visit to the Church of the lady of the Rocks although the museum visit was of limited interest. If you’re searching for a day trip with a very caring and warm crew, just book it. you’re searching for a beautiful

  • 05.09.2018 AT 16:25:17  Reply

    An amazing day spent on a beautiful boat, checking out beautiful spors with an awesome and attentive crew.

  • 04.09.2018 AT 15:15:41  Reply

    I travel often and this was one of the best tours/trips I’ve taken. The guys from monte were awesome, informative, and overall fun to be around. The boat was a very comfortable catamaran. Would recommend this tour to my friends!

  • 29.08.2018 AT 09:31:12  Reply

    Fantastic day!! The guide and captain engaged with everyone, making sure everyone had a good time. I opted not to go to blue cave so captain showed me other less touristy cave which was really cool! I can’t say enough good things about the day & crew. Worth every penny!

  • 27.08.2018 AT 09:18:29  Reply

    Our one week trip to Montenegro couldn’t get better and completed without Kotor Bay Cruise leading with Nicola. We loved every part of this trip and Nicola was super nice and informative. He is very fun to travel with. I HIGHLY recommend to not miss this incredible experience. Great Job 360montenegro.

  • 24.08.2018 AT 10:31:48  Reply

    We had a most enjoyable day out. Thank you to all who made it happen.

  • 23.08.2018 AT 19:01:40  Reply

    It was an amazing day, the staff is really cool (thank you one more time guys !).

  • 21.08.2018 AT 19:08:43  Reply

    Super sortie nautique avec un équipage prévenant et compétent

  • 21.08.2018 AT 13:12:58  Reply

    We 5 german girls had an fantasTic Full Day boat-Trip with Ognjan and Captain Johnny :) The Organisation & Service was all Good and super friendly!The Trip was FaNtastic and a lifeTime expierence we wont forget. The Guys did a very Great Job with all the Information about Montenegro, Kotor and its surroundings. The best impression of BOka Bay WiTh Swimming stops and lot of fun! Thanks so Much

  • 20.08.2018 AT 19:36:41  Reply

    Fantastic Day! Oggy our guide was amazing. Very attentive and made sure everyone was happy and well informed. Went on other trips with other tour companies, this tour and this company 360 Montenegro won hands down. My husband doesn't even swim and he loved the trip too. Oggy even gave us a lift back to our hotel as we were stuck. Amazing tour guide, amazing tour. Highlight of our holiday.

  • 15.08.2018 AT 00:30:23  Reply

    Highly recommend this tour. A fantastic day, relaxing and fun. Super comfortable boat with the added provision of delicious fruit, water and drinks. Towels also provided. Very well organised and very friendly staff.

  • 09.08.2018 AT 21:03:30  Reply

    This was the best day of my week's holiday in Montenegro, Nina and Nickoli looked after us professionally. This is a very relaxing way to spend a day, we cruised to the Blue Cave where we were transferred to a smaller boat to get in, I found it to be too busy in the cave for my liking with lots of other boats but you get the opportunity to swim in this beautiful place briefly before being transported back to Zanjice Beach for a lovely lunch and dip in the sea. On the way back we visited the submarine tunnel which is fascinating, you can get off the boat, explore the tunnel and swim in the sea. We were provided with information, a few drinks, fruit and towels during the day and it really is a great way to spend the day and also excellent value for money. On the way back we diverted to Porto Montenegro due to a thunderstorm and they treated us all to a drink at a bar while the storm passed, even so they took us to The Lady of the Rocks on the way back, it was too late to go in but they made the effort to take us. Don't hesitate to book this, you won't regret it!

  • 06.08.2018 AT 22:32:48  Reply

    Very good organization, Ogi and Johny did their best to host us on boat in the best way. It was very pleasant day, we plan to repeat it next time in Montenegro!

  • 04.08.2018 AT 10:07:10  Reply

    It was very cool and nice. Thanx O!

  • 02.08.2018 AT 15:44:22  Reply

    Some days ago, we joined the Kotor Cruise organized by 360Monte, and it was a great experience! The boat had all the comfort needed: nice seat bags or sun beds to relax, and we started with champagne! The boat drove along the beautiful bay, and the guide Orgi explained everything we wanted to know with a lot of passion. During the trip, we could also enjoy all kinds of fruits. Because the engine of the boat was broken, we could swim more in the lake, and the tour ran out of time but this was off course no problem as we arrived in Kotor again with a beautiful sunset! We really enjoyed everything during this trip and would really recommend it to everyone!

  • 23.07.2018 AT 12:51:32  Reply

    Awesome day! Ognjen and the Captain were amazing and looked after us from start to finish. The sights were sensational and we visited each one at the perfect time. Excellent value for money :)

  • 23.07.2018 AT 11:06:14  Reply

    Beautiful day!

  • 21.07.2018 AT 15:08:51  Reply

    We had an amazing time! Great hosts, super accommodating

  • 19.07.2018 AT 14:57:07  Reply

    All good! It only stretched a bit from the end - but then again we were on a holiday and not kn a hurry :)

  • 18.07.2018 AT 15:48:14  Reply

    Terrific trip - very helpful but relaxed guide. We spent a good amount of time at the various locations, and the scenery was spectacular. Boat wasn't crowded and felt like ample room for everything. The only minor annoyance was with the Blue Cave -- there were far too many boats in there and swimming felt quite dangerous as some of the skippers of other boats seemed uncertain where and how to maneuver. Not sure what you could do about this, other than perhaps trying to go to the cave at a less busy time, if that's even possible during high season!

  • 15.07.2018 AT 19:06:17  Reply

    Due to the weather (the storm we experienced) we missed Blue Cave but the rest and especially Ogi’s hospitality was outrageous I already adviced a friend for their visit in August!!! Thanks Ogi :)

  • 12.07.2018 AT 14:14:13  Reply

    We were expecting a good trip, what we hot was an amazing trip! Nina and Nikoli were fantastic and their knowledge of the area enhanced our experience. 11 out of 10!

  • 22.06.2018 AT 12:34:29  Reply

    Wow, what a fantastic location. I love this place.

  • 31.01.2018 AT 18:30:15  Reply

    Nina was great host and nikola is very handsome captain :)

  • 19.08.2017 AT 11:11:20  Reply

    Hello, I will visit Kotor, staying in the old town from the 25th Sept - 2nd Oct. could you please inform for the price per adult for this full day excursion. I have a party of 5 adults. regards mr neil robinson

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