It seemed like I woke up in paradise that morning. You know that moment in which everything is just good and your whole being can just exist, without thinking. I believe that’s what Boka Bay does to people. 

    I had a nice breakfast at the hotel when somebody said that first-morning coffee has to be enjoyed in a small place called Letrika, hidden in one of the romantic cobblestone streets of Kotor Old town.

    Letrika is the only place in Kotor that serves this kind of coffee. It’s ancient charcoal coffee brought by unknown sailors to the town. It was such a special thing to try, just before continuing with the day that it still makes my heart smile.

    I am that kind of girl that somehow sees all different shades of water and imagines the precious stones in the shades of what I see. That’s why I chose Kotor private tours as a way to explore the fjord and find some inspiration as a jewelry designer, and I saw so much beauty.

    I have chosen Kotor private tour as I wanted that day to be slow and relaxed, to feel and experience Boka Bay deeply.

    My tour on a custom-made cruise boat began and I got lost in the beauty of Kotor Bay immediately. 

    Just when I took my notebook, we had our first break for swimming. I was surprised how even on a hot day like that, crystal clear water was almost coldly refreshing. 

    Swimming surrounded by the breathtaking mountains of the Kotor Bay would have been the most beautiful moment of the day if my private sailor hadn’t taken me to my favorite place in the whole wide world. 

    Now I know that when you wake up like I woke up that morning, a day will be filled with love. 

    We went around Mamula which is a small island with a fortress that used to be a prison in the past and then… Exploring the unreal is what I remember about our next destination, the mesmerizing Blue cave Kotor.

    Do you remember what I told you about the shades? Well, here, I found myself living in my dream. Sunlight, refracted through the sea, is reflected in the interior of this natural cave, producing a magical blue color. A lot of shades of blue. 

    The Blue cave can be visited only by private boat tours or Kotor shore excursions and it’s a spot in Montenegro trip which you should not miss. 

    I swam a lot in the cave, so after that, we had a lunch break in Porto Montenegro from where we came back to the embrace of beautiful Kotor. 

    After a whole day on the boat, I slept like a baby and since then I have been working on a collection inspired by the Blue cave in a magical Kotor Bay. 

    Forever thankful, Sophia.