Boka bay as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe was the first place that popped up in my mind when my dear husband asked me to think about our honeymoon destinations. Little did I know that next to the beautiful Old Town of Kotor there will be a small baroque town, Perast, that we’ll be dipping from the boat into the crystal clear Mediterranean sea, and that this magical fjord hides treasure that makes this part of Montenegro even more romantic and beautiful.

    Andrew and I  were so lucky to spend a week in Boka Bay and to choose Kotor Private Boat Tour as a part of our stay because it was the way to see the place which we didn’t know about when we were planning a trip, but it ended up being our favorite and most precious memory.

    Kotor Private Boat Tour took us to the Blue Cave, which is the biggest, all-natural cave on the peninsula of Luštica.

    It’s a natural hall, with 9m high vault, gracefully and enchantingly demonstrating the power and beauty of Mother Earth. There are some places that make you forget where you came from and when our boat entered the Blue cave that’s exactly what happened – I felt so safe and mesmerized by the beauty of the world in which we live.

    There are two entrances into the cave and our boat went in through the bigger one, discovering another dimension of Montenegrin wild beauty.

    During clear and sunny days, the openings of the cave allow the sun’s rays to penetrate inside. They bounce off the surface of the sea and, due to reflection, create an indescribable azure blue color on the walls of the hall. The play of the shades inside the cave is followed by the sound made by an echo… making this experience multidimensionally beautiful.

    Boat tours are the only way to reach the cave and there are Kotor shore excursions starting every day, but we recommend having a private tour from Kotor, as it is a truly unique experience which made our trip look like the one from the movies. Romantic ones, ones in which life is just so beautiful!

    It is possible (and we do recommend) to swim in the cave, which will probably be the most magical swim of your life.

    Kotor Boat Tours are taking you to some other stunning places as well, such as Perast town and its cute, small, scenic islands – St. George, which is a natural island, and Our Lady of the Rock that has a special, historic story that we were told by our amazing boat crew. Perast is another place which I would definitely choose as a top romantic destination, not only in Montenegro but globally.

    Actually, when I think about it, Blue cave and Perast are my perfect combination. It just happened to be the choice for our romantic holiday, but these places will take your breath away, whoever you are and whatever you expect from your trip.

    Our dear Kotor Private Tours crew, thank you for making it happen!