After my first visit to Montenegro, the beauty of this country and its nature blew me away, so I promised myself I’ll come back to grab some Montenegro outdoor experiences. I kept my promise and two years later, my girlfriend and I decided to stay in Kotor.

    We checked in to an Airbnb and the first thing I did was googling ‘’Best hikes in Montenegro’’. At the same time, my girlfriend was talking to the Airbnb owner and he directed us to 360 Monte tour operator. I’m much more into wandering and rambling all by myself, but after I took a look at their Montenegro tour, we decided to give it a try.

    And I can tell you that that was the best decision we could make.

    Our destination was the highest peak of Mountain Durmitor called Bobotov Kuk!

    The tour started at 6 AM from Kotor. New hiking experience was waiting for us just after the delicious traditional breakfast we had at Eco Village Camp. Before breakfast, we stopped at the most marvelous stops to take wonderful pictures.

    If you ask me, that was very smart since we were going to be wet and tired after conquering Bobotov Kuk peak. The hike itself is considered moderately difficult, but if you are not in a good shape (like my girlfriend:), it could be a bigger challenge for you.

    What’s the most important part is that it was fun all the time. We met some incredible people who were carrying rakija and were playing the music and singing almost all the time.

    Our Montenegro outdoor adventure could start!

    Three and a half hours of hiking in Durmitor National Part and I felt amazing when we finally reached the peak. I felt like a conqueror. The hiking trail was very picturesque all along the way, but I preferred to enjoy the views just using my eyes. I can’t describe to you how much I’m amused by Montenegro’s wild nature.

    Every step of the way, I got a humbling sense of feeling so small and all my problems even smaller. If you need sometimes to minimize your worries, just go climb a mountain. The higher the mountain, the smaller the problems. 

    Getting back

    After 30-min-launch-break, it was time to go back. I thought the hardest part is to hike up. I was wrong. Again. I always forget that sometimes (read: always) it is much more difficult to get back. My girlfriend and I were already tired and starving. Yes, even after a few sandwiches we’ve brought in our backpacks.

    Lucky us, three and a half hours later, in Eco-Village, where we had breakfast, the dinner was waiting for us. If I didn’t eat breakfast when I was still fresh, I would maybe think that the food was so mouth-watering just because I was hungry, but that definitely wasn’t true. The best food I’ve ever eaten was made in the Balkans.

    Breakfast and dinner were included in the price and that was something that thrilled me. That was the first time when I didn’t have to think about anything on the tour and at the same time the first time, I liked that fact. Like I said in the beginning I’m more like a solo traveler or the one who organizes everything, but this time I left everything to them and I did not regret it at all. Definitely the best hiking experience in Montenegro and experience we are likely to try again. This time, with a photo or two more. 😊

    Big thanks to the tour operator and tour guides executing this amazing Montenegro Hiking Experience!