This unique full the tour of Montenegrin coastline will give the opportunity to see the most interesting historical sites,learn some interesting facts,enjoy in the beautiful scenery and all that in just one day.
Do not hesitate to take the chance to take a part in it cause you will save your time and money and with our professional drivers and guides.

Tour starts from Kotor at 8:30am. After 20 minutes drive is our first stop. The little town called Perast,pearl of Boka bay is settled at the foot of St. Elijah Hill preceded by two jewel-like islands; one natural (St George) and one man-made(Our Lady of the Rocks). Here we make 30 minutes break for taking photos and short walk along the waterfront. 


Throughout the centuries, many empires battled for control of the town. The town does not have a defensive wall, but instead it has nine defensive towers, the most important of which is the tower of the Holy Cross. These were built by the navy of the Venetian republic in the 15th and 16th centuries. 

Near Perast there are two islets one is called  St. George and the other Our Lady of the Rocks and each has a picturesque chapel. Our Lady of the Rocks is particularly interesting given that it is the only artificially-built island in the Adriatic, with an area of 3,030 m² — it was built upon a rock after two Venetian sailors from Perast found a picture of the Virgin Mary on it in 1452. 

Our Lady of the Rock and St George

After visiting Perast we are heading to nearby town called Risan. It is the oldest settlement in Boka Bay and it dates from the 4th  century BC. The town is known as the main fortress in the Illyrian state where Queen Teuta took refuge during the Illyrian Wars. Our main point of interest here are the Roman mosaics which date from the 1st and 2nd century. The mosaics are important archeological discovery in Risan, which hold a great value because they stand as separate from the rest of the Roman legacy in the South Adriatic coast and present day Montenegro region. 

The total area of the discovered mosaic complex is about 790 m2. It consists of a rectangular central space attached to a series of rectangular rooms. On one side of the five rooms is a hallway that connects them and on the other is the main room named Atrium (Latin for “lobby”).

Mosaic of Hypnos in Risan

Around 10 o'clock we are leaving Risan and heading towards Herceg Novi and arrive there after 40 minutes drive. But just before we enter the town we stop to visit Savina Monastery at will have 15 minutes to explore it.

Savina Monastery is medieval monastery and it has three churches of which two of them are dedicated to Uspenje Bogorodice (Falling into sleep of Holy Mother of God). It has sleeping quarters with treasury, and a separated church of Svet Sava (St. Sava). 

Savina Monastery

The town of Herceg Novi is just several minutes ride after we visit monastery. Upon arrival we will firstly have short coffee and breakfast break before going into exploration of the town. 

Herceg Novi is located at the entrance to the Bay of Boka and at the foot of Mount Orjen. Despite being one of the youngest settlements on the Adriatic it has had very turbulent past. The Old town has 
sunny squares and a lively atmosphere. It is a ‘city of the sun’,thanks to the large number of sunny days all year round and its famous for mimosa trees. We will have one hour to explore the beauties of the Old Town and nearby fortress. As well we will afterwards have a time for short relaxing walk along the promenade. 

Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi tower

Forte Mare

Around 1:00pm we are leaving this beautiful city and going along the coastline till we come to a place called Kamenari where we take short ferry ride to the other side of the bay. We will be able to enjoy in panoramic views during the ride. 

Ferry ride Kamenari - Lepetani

After crossing to the other side we are heading to our next destination – the Old town Budva.

Budva Old Town lies on a small peninsula and represents a treasure chest of culture heritage. Crossed with narrow streets and squares are famous buildings, the Church Sv. Trojica, housing the tomb of the exquisite writer Stjepan Mitrov Ljubisa, the Churches of Sv. Ivan, Sv. Bogorodica and Sv. Sava. Budva’s walls were built straight out of the Adriatic sea and what we see today is really only a fraction of the city’s splendor at it’s height, preserved with loving care by the local residents of Budva who are proud of their long history.
We will have 1 hour to walk around the streets,alleys and squares of the Old Town and discuss with our tour guide about the history of this place which in peak of the season becomes very popular destination on Montenegrin coast. 

Old Town Budva

Old Town Budva - narrow street

Old Town Budva

Old Town Budva - Citadel

With the images seen and stories heard we continue our trip to our next place – The Old Town of Bar.

On the way to Bar we will make photo stop at Sveti Stefan, the tiny islet which is the most iconic image associated with Montenegro. Formerly a village, all of the buildings were acquired by the Yugoslav government and turned into an upscale hotel during the Tito regime. Today hotel is now a 5-star franchise hotel of the international group of Aman Resorts.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan

Around 4:30pm we arrive in Old Town Bar.It is located inland, a few miles from the new city of Bar resting on Londša hill, at the foot of Mount Rumija. In Bar, cultures meet and seem to mix in breathtaking ways. Old Town Bar is one of those interesting places where modern residents live in the shadow of Turkish baths, Roman aqueducts and a citadel where the first stones were laid over 1000 years ago. Some of the landmarks of the town are the ruins of King Nicola’s castle, Haj Nehaj fortress, and Saint Veneranda church. Also worth investigating are the Bishop’s palace, the ancient walls, and the gunpowder store. In this place we will be ou lunch break as well.

Old Town Bar

Street in the Old Town Bar

Old Town Bar walls

Old olive tree

Near Bar Old Town is Stara maslina - one of the world's oldest olive trees. The tree is said to be over 2,000 years old. It is a popular tourist attraction in the country. A side of the tree is completely burnt. According to popular folklore, a few men were playing cards next to the tree. During their game, one member accidentally threw a lit match onto the tree, and it soon went up in flames. 


This would be our last stop on the tour and we are easily heading back to Kotor with the sceneric drive along the coastline catching sunset. 


8:30 – Start from Kotor
8:50 – arrival in Perast
9:30 – arrival in Risan,visiting Roman mosaics
10:30 – visit to Savina Monastery
10:50 – arrival in Herceg Novi,breakfast,sightseeing,fortress
12:50 – Ferry ride
14:00 – Arrival in Budva Old Town,walking tour
15:20 – Sveti Stefan,photostop
16:30 – arrival in Old Town Bar,lunch break,sightseeing,visiting old olive tree
18:30 – departure to Kotor,sunset ride along the coastline
20:00 – arrival in Kotor

Departure point  (meeting place) is in front of the 360Monte travel agency office in the Old town Kotor.


Price : 35 € per person (incudes transport & English speaking tour guide).
The entrance fees are not included in the price (entrance fee to see roman mosaics 2€, entrance fee Old Town Bar 2€, Old Olive Tree 1€).
Food and drinks are not included in the price.
Minimum group of people is 4. Everyone can participate. 
Times of arrival to certain places can vary depending on traffic jams and tourist crowds. Possible stop for swimming.

You can ask for all information via email: info@360monte.me




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