The BEST of Montenegro in a one-day escorted tour!
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    Private Tour Great Montenegro

    The BEST of Montenegro in a one day escorted tour! We’ll take you to the lofty heights of Lovćen Mountain for breathtaking panoramic views of the Bay of Kotor and traditional breakfast at Njeguši village. Next stop is conquering the exquisite Lake peak at 1.700 meters and visit to world’s highest mausoleum. Drive down to the Old Royal Capital Cetinje, lunch break and a scenic boat ride on the Crnojević River. For the end of the day we stop for a photo of the most famous island Saint Stefan. A full day of exceptionally memorable highlights.

    Check why this tour is everyone’s first choice!

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    Things to note
    DURATIONup to 12 hours
    INCLUDEDfull day transport by mini-bus or mini-van, boat ride on the River of Crnojević, professional tour guide in English language
    NOT INCLUDEDentrance fees (9€ total – two NP and mausoleum), food and drinks (breakfast 5€; lunch from 8€)
    •  water
    • sunscreen
    • swimsuit
    • towel
    • camera (warmer clothing for the mountain and months other than summer)
    HIGHLIGHTSOld Austro-Hungarian road, Njeguši village, traditional breakfast, Lovćen NP, mausoleum of Peter II Petrović Njegoš, Old Royal Capital Cetinje, River of Crnojević, traditional lunch, boat ride, Saint Stefan island photo stop

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    The tour is customized by your preference, but we suggest starting in the morning around 08:00 am as we have many highlights to visit and the day will be long. And we promise getting up early will be worth it!

    You might think that leaving touristy and crowded coastline and going to the mountains is the best part of the tour, but wait to see the views as we drive along Old Austro-Hungarian road specifically curved by “special hand technology” in the 19th century.

    Two photo stops and 25 serpentines later we are reaching the village of Njeguši, known by the best prosciutto in Montenegro! Traditional breakfast is served by the local family and don’t even think to skip famous shot of rakija (very very! strong brandy) to brighten up the morning!

    Next stop is conquering Lovćen mountain! Walking up 461 steps may be something you would rather skip, but your tour guide would never agree on that, and this is why:

    Visit to the highest mausoleum in the world, lavish monument with 20 tones heavy statue of Peter II Pertović Njegoš and 18 kilogram of gold sparkling from the ceiling, might be enough reason, but add jaw dropping view of almost entire Montenegro from the top, and you’ll be certain that the only way to go is UP!

    Drive down towards Cetinje through Lovćen National Park gives an interesting insight in Montenegrin limestone terrain and reflects unique admiration to this dry “sea of rocks”.

    Old Royal Capital stays “frozen in time” from the era of Montenegro being a Kingdom. The town itself is quite small, but exudes with history in every corner, every window and every building. To understand better why these locals care so much to keep everything as it was, follow up with the story from your tour guide along the walking tour.

    Enough with history, give us food and wine!

    That being said, we drive down to the River of Crnojević, part of Skadar Lake National Park (you know the inevitable “horseshoe bend” river view on every postcard of Montenegro).

    First, we recommend lunch stop by the water, and some local wine to refresh from change of altitude all day.

    Short break doesn’t mean the tour is over, as now the real fun starts!

    Join us for the relaxing (read deserved) boat ride along the river going to the middle of the “horseshoe bend” itself and do not hesitate to jump in to cool down in hot summer months.

    It’s always difficult to leave this nature vibe, lush vegetation and birds chirping, but we have one more stop before finishing the tour – something completely opposite, the most expensive place to stay in Montenegro – its majesty, St. Stefan peninsula!

    The town emerged in the 15th century for the first time, as a fisherman’s village, and who would ever think that this place will now cost up to 5.000 euros for one night, and be visited by most famous people in the World? Real WOW.

    Long, but very diverse day is ending up in your hotel around evening hours, and we leave you to sum up your impressions and brag to your friends about how incredible experience Montenegro is.


    Check why this tour is everyone’s first choice!

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