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    Private Tour: Kotor, Perast And Budva

    This Kotor private tour combines, in culture and history, richest and most beautiful places on the Montenegrin coast – Perast and Kotor (up to 4 hours) with optional Budva* visit (additional 2 hours).

    Starting from Kotor, just few kilometers away, we reach town of Perast, enjoy its magnificent architecture, join for a quick boat ride to the island Our Lady of Rocks, visit both church and a museum at it.

    Relaxing ride along the Bay takes us back to Kotor, where we have a walking tour around the city squares, discover Maritime Museum and St. Nicholas Church.

    Welcome to the Kotor, Perast and Budva private tour!

    Things to note
    DURATIONup to 6 hours
    INCLUDEDtransportation by car, mini-van or mini-bus, professional tour guide in english language, boat ride to the island, entrance fee to the church and museum, map of the city, entrance fee for Maritime museum in the Old Town, bottle of water 0.5l per person
    NOT INCLUDEDother drinks or souvenirs, tips for guide
    • sun cream
    • hat
    • camera
    HIGHLIGHTSride along the bay, Perast town promenade, boat ride, island Our Lady of Rocks, church and museum, Square of Arms, Clock tower, palace of Bizanti, Beskuća, Buća and Pima families, Cathedral of St Tryphon, Maritime Museum, St. Luke’s, St. Nikola’s church

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    Starting point for Kotor private tour is Kotor from where we are heading to the most complete baroque town in Adriatic coast – Perast and small men-made island just across it – Our Lady of Rocks.

    From the interaction between mainland and bay, the inherent contrast of stone and water, the dialogue of island and wave, sometimes in harmony but often in conflict, this sea-faring town has derived its unity, strength and sense of purpose. Despite its size, a sophisticated urban structure has arisen, demonstrated by the proportion, scale, massing and rhythm of the great number of public buildings, especially along the waterfront.

    First we arrive in town of Perast just 20 minutes away from Kotor, from where we’ll take a boat ride to most famous island in Montenegro – Our Lady of Rocks.

    The legend has it that the island has been made over the centuries by local seamen who kept an ancient oath after finding the icon of Madonna and the Child on the rock in the sea on July 22, 1452. Upon returning from each successful voyage, they laid a rock in the Bay. Over time, the islet gradually emerged from the sea. The custom of throwing rocks into the sea is alive even nowadays. Every year on the sunset of July 22, an event called “Fašinada”, when local residents take their boats and throw rocks, widening the surface of the island, takes place.

    Besides the church from 17th century, there is also a museum of gifts which were mainly donated by sailors and captains who had lived through the storms, battles and long time at the open sea.

    As we return from the island, we visit the main square in the middle of Perast with the church of St. Nicola’s and its impressive 55 meters high belfry. From there we continue our walk for about 1 kilometer along with the waterfront, admiring the beautiful architecture form 17th and 18th century, until we meet the vehicle waiting to take us back to Kotor.

    Hidden beneath the Mountain of Lovćen, in the heart of the breathtaking Boka Bay, this jewel of Adriatic is unmatched in its beauty that is represented through assimilation of different culture influences whose signatures are more than visible even now.
    Join us on this Kotor, Perast and Budva private tour and help us to reveal all secrets that are lying around!

    Here you can take a quick look of Kotor Old Town on 360° view:

    Our walking tour Kotor starts in the front of the main gate (1). When we enter the Old Town, first we’ll step on the main town square better known as the Arms Square (2), recognized by a Town Clock Tower (3) which dates back from 1602. By the tower facade there is a pyramidal pillar, a pillory, a testimony of the moral as well as legal norms respected in the town.

    On your way to Flower Square (4), we pass beautiful baroque architecture which reflect in monumental palaces of families Bizanti and Beskuća (5), followed by the great story and legends about those noble residents. Near the most beautiful palace in Kotor – Pima we find the true diamond of this town – Cathedral of St Tryphon (6), built in honor of the St Tryphon, patron and protector of the city, on the same place where older church, dedicated to the same saint existed from 809.

    We proceed to the Maritime Museum (7), place with rich collections of exhibits that represent sailing history of this area and the way of living as well. Maritime Museum is a “must see place” in Kotor. Decorated with original furniture of noble families, models of ships that were used for trade and battles, large collection of guns and swards will show the important role of Kotor during past centuries.

    Path leads us to the Church of Saint Luke’s (8) that originally used to be a Catholic school, but it was given to Orthodox believers for use and it represents a testimony of the harmonious co-existence of Catholic and Orthodox people. On your way to Saint Luke’s church, we pass by Karampana square (9).

    Right next to Saint Luke’s is Saint Nicholas Church (10) (built in 1909.) which possesses a rich collection of icons and a beautiful iconostasis made by Cigler, a Czech artist.

    Church of Saint Mary (11), built in 1221, on the site of a 6th-century basilica, is not something you want to skip. This Catholic Church is distinguished by impressive 20th-century bronze doors covered in bas-reliefs, a particularly gruesome larger-than-life crucifix, and a glass coffin containing the body of Blessed Osanna of Cattaro (1493–1565). She was what is known as an anchoress, choosing to be walled into a small cell attached to a church so as to devote her life to prayer.

    Soon we come to another gate and the end of our tour. North Gate of Kotor (12) was built in in remembrance of the battle against Ottoman Empire that occurred 1539; one year later gate was built. From that point you can see the shortest river in Montenegro, Škurda.

    *From Perast we drive about 50 minutes directly to Budva.

    By far the most visited summer destination in Montenegro – queen of tourism – Budva is attracting tourists from all over the world with its beautiful Old Town, vivid atmosphere, bars, nightclubs, palm trees and beautiful beaches consisting primarily of pebbles and sand. Magnificent combination of the ancient and modern, Budva is great option to visit something absolutely different from Boka Bay, and yet it is only 30 minutes away from Kotor.

    Budva Old Town lies on a small peninsula surrounded by the sea and represents a treasure chest of culture heritage. From Greek and Roman traces, over medieval influence to final combination of byzantine and baroque style. Crossed with narrow streets and squares are relevant monuments that indicate the important religion aspect of Budva – including the church of Holy Trinity, churches of St. John, St. Sava’s and Our Lady “In Punta” (Santa Maria in Punta).

    After the 45 min walking tour, we drive back to Kotor and use the opportunity to take a photo stop above the bay to take some breathtaking pictures of the town below.

    *We finish with the walking tour in the Old Town of Kotor (described earlier).



    This Kotor private tour combines, in culture and history, richest and most beautiful places on the Montenegrin coast - Perast and Kotor (up to 4 hours) with optional Budva* visit (additional 2 hours).

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