Our Lady of the Rocks

    Our Lady of the Rocks[1]  is nestled in the beautiful Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, where it lies shrouded in history and legend. This island, located in Perast, has been captivating visitors for centuries with its unique charm, enigmatic past and is one of the best things to do in Kotor.

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    Brief history of Our Lady of the Rocks

    Things to do at Our Lady of the Rocks

    How do I get to Our Lady of the Rocks island?

    Unforgettable Experiences at Your Fingertips

    Why do day trips from Kotor with us?


    Brief history of Our Lady of the Rocks:

    The Lady of the Rocks[1] , where legend and history intertwine, stands as a beacon of wonder in the Bay of Kotor. In 1452, a fisherman found an icon of the Virgin Mary on a reef which inspired Perast’s townsfolk to create an island by yearly adding stones, a ritual continuing to this day on every 22nd of July. This act of faith gradually transformed the reef into a solid base, upon which a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary was built, signifying the site’s deep religious significance. This fusion of myth and history gives the island an enduring appeal, attracting visitors for generations. Additionally, the island is steeped in a rich history beyond the legends, with its Renaissance-era church housing valuable paintings and artifacts, echoing Perast’s vibrant past and battles fought, making Our Lady of the Rocks not only a spiritual site but also a testament to the region’s historical tapestry.

    Lady of the Rocks

    Things to do at Our Lady of the Rocks:

    Explore the enchanting church: Step inside the church and be captivated by its awe-inspiring architecture, intricate artwork, and serene atmosphere.

    Discover the museum: Delve deeper into the , both sland’s and Perast’s, fascinating history by exploring the museum, which houses a collection of artifacts that tell the story of Our Lady of the Rocks.

    Get to know its secrets: Ask your tour guide to tell you about traditions, superstitions, etc, while exploring the Lady of the Rocks, and don’t forget to place the hand into the stone! They say the wishes do come true.

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    How do I get to Our Lady of the Rocks island?

    The only way to reach Our Lady of the Rocks island is by boat. Regular boat tours depart from all over Kotor Bay and offer a convenient and enjoyable way to reach the island. Pressed with time? Book lady of the rocks private tour.

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    How much does it cost to visit Our Lady of the Rocks?

    The cost of visiting Our Lady of the Rocks depends on the type of boat tour you choose. Prices typically range from €10-€20 per person. Some tours also offer combination packages that include other attractions in Kotor Bay like our Kotor Cruise.

    What to wear?

    Visiting our Lady of the Rocks is not allowed in swimwear, nor is swimming allowed. Aside from that, given the time of the year, bring sunglasses, a hat, shoes or sandals, or a jacket.

    Can I get married at Our Lady of the Rocks?

    Yes, it is possible to get married at the church on Our Lady of the Rocks. The church offers a truly unique and romantic setting for your wedding ceremony.

    What are the best times to visit Our Lady of the Rocks?

    The best time to visit Our Lady of the Rocks is during the shoulder seasons (April-May and September-October), when the weather is pleasant and there are fewer crowds. However, the island is open year-round and can be visited at any time, if the weather conditions allow.

    Are there any restrooms on the Our Lady of the Rocks island?

    Yes, there are public restrooms located near the church.

    Is the Our Lady of the Rocks accessible for people with disabilities?

    Unfortunately, the island is not fully accessible for people with disabilities. There are stairs leading up to the church and museum, and the ground is uneven in some places.

    Can I bring my pet to the Lady of the Rocks?

    Pets are not allowed on the island.