Last summer a group of friends and I decided to visit a beautiful country, Montenegro, and our first destination was stunning Boka Bay. In the very heart of the bay – the ancient town of Kotor, we found a charming Old town hostel which offered Kotor private boat tours and Montenegro trips, so we decided to have this, an unusually exciting, experience with them right after our arrival to Kotor. 

    Namely, we visited a place that tourists usually visit, thinking that it will be just a simple ride and swimming in a cave (it’s called the Blue cave), but no, it was a unique experience that I want to tell you about in this little story of mine.

    Our skippers on the boat were very kind, even incredibly nicely explaining everything during the tour, and at the same time making sure that everybody has fun. It was not difficult to have a good time on the boat as we were surrounded by an amazing crew, other travelers, fruits and drinks, and the most beautiful views one can imagine. 

    We observed the patterns of the hills and their doubling all the time, for the first time ever enjoying that kind of a landscape where a mountain rises from the sea. The beauty of the Montenegrin coast is mesmerizing, so we were not even taking so many photos as usual. This area deserved special observation, we all agreed upon that. 

    Eventually, upon seeing more, we realized that Boka bay is a careless, most graceful goddess of Montenegro. And swimming there was endearing, in the absence of a better word. 

    After embarking from Kotor and having the first swim we got to see an incredibly beautiful islet called Mamula. Mamula is an islet with the former prison fortress, a pretty stunning place to see in the middle of the blue waters and wilderness of the bay. 

    We cruised around the islet with our boat and then continued to the open sea.

    After witnessing all the beauty of Boka bay, we swam inside the largest and most popular cave on Lustica peninsula, which deservedly bears the name Blue cave. 

    Inside, the depth is up to 9 feet and it’s very rocky, but with the most beautiful glare.

    We were lucky to witness this natural phenomenon where the light and color play their dance with water in the cave and make the most beautiful show for the eyes and hearts of everyone lucky enough to witness it. The boat can go inside the cave, as it is big enough, so we could easily enjoy the view. Honestly, I wanted to stay there for the rest of our trip, but at one point we had to continue our trip, which took us to a very interesting place which seemed to be a long-kept secret of Montenegro – submarine tunnels built by the Yugoslav Army. We took a break there!

    After seeing the tunnels, we went to Porto Montenegro, an exclusive marina where we had a delicious lunch and enjoyed some free time. We spent our free time walking around and observing beautiful yachts, as Porto is a yachting paradise in the Mediterranean.

    After leaving Porto we saw another stunning village called Perast with its two little islands. We stopped to visit one of them – Our Lady of the Rocks Island and paid a visit to the church and the museum on it. 

    If you are looking for a way to get the most out of a day and see absolutely everything in the Bay of Kotor, Kotor Bay Cruise full-day private tour may be the best choice. It definitely was for us. 

    Thank you,