One of the reasons for visiting this beautiful country was to sail along the Bay of Kotor and to swim in fabulous Blue Cave Montenegro, so my family and I took Montenegro private tour from Kotor, with an organized transfer from Dubrovnik.

    My family is quite big, so 360 Monte sent pretty comfortable and fancy Mercedes minibus.

    Pick up was quite early, so already by 10 pm we were at the port of Kotor ready to start our Kotor boat trip!

    The staff was very polite serving champagne, and our very friendly tour guide was already giving details on the day plan and the surroundings. From the moment we left the coastline, this boat ride seemed like a fairy tale! The day was just perfect – breezing wind and swimming stops were ideal for refreshing this hot August day, while the sky-ripping mountains were reflecting in the glass-like water surface.

    Soon we headed out to the open waters of the Adriatic and anchored in front the imposing Blue Cave Kotor!

    The cave was just simply beautiful! The kids loved the sparking effect it had, and I recommend putting on the snorkeling gear provided, because you will see much clearly of what is going on under the water, and it is a glowing party there!

    Water is a bit cooler then inside of the Bay itself, so we didn’t stay too long, and this time of the year is quite busy with small boats entering the cave, so we went out after only 20 min.

    From a natural cave, we went to completely artificial much bigger “cave” – men made tunnel inside of an actual mountain, constructed to hide the submarines and ships from Yugoslavian navy. Incredible and creepy place, to be honest.

    Next stop was lunch at Porto Montenegro and some free time to explore.

    By the itinerary, we had a scheduled stop to Our Lady of the Rocks, but since we visited this last time we were here with a cruise ship, we decided to skip it. Luckily, this was not a problem, considering we booked a private boat tour, so the captain didn’t mind changing it for us.

    We stopped again for the last swim for the day, and as the sun was setting behind the mountains, I felt very grateful for this experience and beloved people around.

    Our professional pick-up driver was waiting for us at the dock, this time with a different Mercedes, but we were so distracted with our impressions, that no one even noticed.

    Drive back to Dubrovnik was long and the border was jammed but spending this magnificent day in Montenegro was definitely worth it.

    Thank you.