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Unique tour during which you can see some spectacular view points, incredibly beautiful places, historical monuments. You will be driven on old roads through stunning scenery and at the end be able to swim on a pebble beach.
It’s a full day tour which will stay in your mind forever and make you want to come again.

It starts from Kotor at 8:30am. Just after a short drive you will be amazed by the Old Road constructed in 1879 by Austro-Hungarians to connect Kotor and Cetinje (Old Royal Capital). Once a year a short part of this road is used for racing in the Montenegrin car racing championship. It has 25 curves till the point in which the road divides where we go to the top of Lovćen Mountain or towards Cetinje. On our tour we go to reach the top of the mountain.
Serpentines on the way to Lovcen NP
Heading up towards the Lovćen National park the fascinating view of Boka bay can be seen. We make several stops for taking photos and to enjoy the beauty of Boka bay.
View of Boka Bay
View of Boka Bay
View of Boka Bay
Really breathtaking...
We are heading towards a village called Njeguši located on the slopes of Mount Lovćen, within the Lovćen national park. The village is best known as the birthplace of the Petrović dynasty, which ruled Montenegro from 1696 to 1918. Cheese and prosciutto made solely in the area around Njeguši are genuine examples of Montenegrin cuisine. Here we stop for short break and breakfast, delicious home-made cheese and smoked hams. We mean REALLY delicious… As well we will be introduced with the process of preparing smoked hams on traditional Montenegrin way. We will arrive at Njeguši for breakfast around 9:30am.
Smoked ham
After the short rest and good food (don’t forget to try morning shot of rakia here as well, which is well know habit) we continue towards Lovćen peaks.
At 10:45am we arrive on the Mausoleum (the second highest peak of mount Lovcen) where is buried the greatest Montenegrin ruler and poet Petar II Petrović Njegoš. It is situated 1675m above the sea level. 
Mount Lovcen
The mausoleum sits at the top of a climb of 461 steps. The most impressive part of the mausoleum is the chapel which has six sides and one central niche; it is built from the finest Boka and Brač marble. The beautiful ceiling is 9 metres high and covered with over 200,000 gilded tiles creating a fascinating mosaic.
Sculpture of Njegos
In front of the central niche stands a grandiose sculpture of Njegoš, created by the famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Also there is the sarcophagus bearing Njegoš’ remains. The sarcophagus is reminiscent of traditional Montenegrin graves including the national coat of arms and the cross engraved in the stone which symbolizes Njegoš’ state and spiritual roles.
And then again… spectacular views.
Top of the mountain
The time is to continue our journey and we are heading towards Cetinje, the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro. Arrival is planned for quarter after midday. We will pass through  Ivanova korita village knowns for its water sources as the rest of the montain range is almost dry.
Cetinje, founded in the 15th century is a town of immense historical heritage. It became the centre for Montenegrin life as both a cradle of Montenegrin culture and an Orthodox religious centre. It is because of its heritage as a long-term Montenegrin capital that it is recognised today as the honorary capital of Montenegro. 
Cetinje Monastery

We do a one hour walking tour through Cetinje visiting its main sights, such as Cetinje Monastery where several relics are kept (Remains of St. Peter of Cetinje, the Right hand of John the Baptist, Particles of the True Cross, the Icon of the Philermos Mother of God, the Remains of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš (relocated), Royal Regalia of Serbian Emperor Stephen Uroš IV Dušan, among others), Vlaska church (built in 1450, with its fence made out of barrels of captured enemy rifles), museums, the royal theatre and historic foreign embassies…
Cipur church
Next stop is River Crnojevića, a small historical town in Central Montenegro on the ancient trading route through the country. Close by to the city is the most beautiful part of Lake Skadar. It is worth visiting for both the lake and the old architecture left over from the trader days. We arrive to this place around 2:00pm. The town is named after the river that flows into Skadar Lake. Skadar Lake is also a National Park which is the one of the largest bird reserves in Europe. And again… amazing view points.
River of Crnojevic
In this place it is optional to take a 1 hour boat ride along the river for a couple of Euros when shared between the guests. The boat ride goes to the point where the river flows into the lake. A really amazing experience and of course, be ready to enjoy taking many, many photos… Here we can stop for a lunch break and taste some of the local delicious fish for reasonable prices.
Old bridge on the River of Crnojevic
After visiting River Crnojevića we continue our trip to Budva. And guess what… the picture will describe everything! Spectacular views again going down towards the town. We arrive in Budva around 4:30pm.
Budva - panorama
By far the most visited destination in Montenegro, attracting domestic, Russian, Serbian and other Eastern European tourists with its old town, bars, nightclubs and beaches mostly consisting of small rocks. It is a base for mass tourism, with luxury resorts such as Sveti Stefan and Miločer close by.
We will do a one hour walking tour through the Old Town in Budva visiting the main sights.  Archaeological evidence suggests that an Illyrian settlement was formed on the site before Greek colonization of the Adriatic. While the Old Town was permanently settled since the Roman era, most of the existing city walls and buildings were erected during the Venetian rule. The entire town is fortified with defensive stone walls. The fortifications of Budva are typical of the medieval walled cities of the Adriatic, complete with towers, embrasures, fortified city gates and a citadel. 
Old Town Budva
Old Town Budva
After the walking tour is done we are heading towards beach Jaz. This beach lately became very famous because it hosts many music events. Big stars such as Madonna, the Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz and many others were performing on it. A pebble beach for the end of the tour is just what you need. Surrender yourself to the sea water and swim in the late afternoon hours before seeing the beautiful sunset.

Jaz beach
At the end, hopefully very satisfied with what you experienced on our tour, we are heading back to Kotor. Arrival back in Kotor at 8:00pm.
Prepare yourself for unforgettable memories…
8:30 – start from Kotor
9:00 – Vantage point above Boka bay, photo stop
9:30 – Arrival at Njegusi village, breakfast
10:45 – Arrival on mausoleum, Lovćen National Park
12:15 - Arrival at Cetinje, walking tour
14:15 – Arrival at River Crnojevića (boat ride, lunch – optional)
16:40 – Arrival in Budva, walking tour around the Old Town
18:00 – Jaz beach, swimming
19:30 – Return to Kotor
Departure point  (meeting place) is in front of the 360Monte travel agency office in the Old town Kotor.

Price:  35 € per person (includes the English speaking tour guide and transportation)
The entrance fees are not included in the price (entrance fees to national parks and mausoleum are 2-4€ each). 
Food and drinks are not included in the price.
Minimum group of people is 4. Everyone can participate.

Times of arrival to certain places can vary depending on traffic jams and tourist crowds.

You can ask for all information via email:  info@360monte.me


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