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Pick-up option available from Budva, Tivat & Herceg Novi

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Unique and highly scenic full day tour of the Montenegrin coastline. An opportunity to see many different historical sites and natural beauty, beginning with a circuit route around the Bay of Kotor – visiting; Perast, Risan and Herceg Novi (including the famous Savina Monastery). We’ll visit and learn some interesting facts about Budva, enjoy views of magnificent St. Stefan and enjoy a scenic and relaxing southward ride towards the port city of Bar. On our return from mountain-perched Stari (Old) Bar, you’ll have an opportunity to see a 2.000+ year old olive tree, one of the top attractions in the area.


  • PRICE: 39€ per person
  • REQUIRED: 8 people minimum, everyone can participate
  • DURATION: up to 12 hours
  • INCLUDED: full day transport by mini-van or mini-bus, professional tour guide in english
  • NOT INCLUDED: entrance fee to Roman mosaics (2€ per person), Old Town of Bar (2€ per person), Olive Tree (1€ per person) food and drinks (breakfast from 3,5€; lunch from 7€)
  • WHAT TO BRING: water, suncreen, comfortable shoes
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Baroque Town of Perast, Roman mosaics in Risan, Savina Monastery, Fortress of Herceg Novi, drive along the bay, Old Town of Budva, photo stop at St. Stefan, Old Town of Bar, domestic lunch, Olive Tree, ride back along the coast with sunset.
  • Recommended for hotel and hostel guests

08:30 am Start from Kotor

08:50 am Arrival at Perast (30 minutes)

09:30 am Arrival in Risan, visit to Roman Mosaics

10:40 am Visit to Savina Monastery

11:15 am Arrival at Herceg Novi, breakfast brake, sightseeing

01:30 pm Ferry Ride

02:10 pm Arrival to Budva, walking tour or free time (50 minutes)

03:20 pm Photo stop at St. Stefan

04:10 pm Arrival to city of Bar, lunch break

05:00 pm Sightseeing of the Old Town (1 hour)

06:00 pm Visit to the Old Olive Tree

06:30 pm Return to Kotor

08:00 pm Arrival to Kotor

  • Janene Ball
    04.08.2018 08:43:42

    The planning by 360.monte was excellent, and communication in a cancelled tour was outstanding and their help in replacing one tour for another. We didn't do the Seaside tour but the Great Montenegro instead. Our tour guide Helene was bubbly, outgoing, hillarious and she knows her history! She kept us entertained from beginning to end and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour, the scenery is spectacular but I did find the day really long. I thought they could have cut a few things out to shorten the day, but I would recommend this tour to anyone who loves good scenery and natural beauty!

  • Maria Sande
    17.07.2018 14:24:49

    Our tour was amazing and our guide Jelena was the best!! We had so fun and we learned a lot about Montenegro’s history which was really fascinating! I would definitely recommend this tour to everyone visiting Montenegro.

  • Andrew Charteris
    12.06.2018 15:52:29

    What a day, what a host !! The day was filled with spectacular views, historic drama and the occasional sip of the famous rakier. The host Jelena was fun happy and very knowledgeable about all areas of the tour, she took time to get to know you and get along with you. Highlights of the tour include but not limited to :the mosseleum on the mountain and the town of Cetinje where the history is seeping from the buildings. The boat trip was a great cool down of the day. Highly recommend this tour and the fabulous host and driver. Zimbabwe Andrew England Sophie

  • Galina Teresh
    10.02.2017 08:20:47

    There are 8 people in my group. We are coming on a cruise to Kotor port on Mon, Jun 12, 11:00 am - 8:00 pm . There will be tenders to get ashore. So it's extra time. Can you adjust this excursion to accommodate the time we have in the port and what is the price per person?

We start our Montenegro seaside tour from Kotor at 8:30 am.

The little baroque town of Perast,the pearl of Kotor Bay, is situated 20 minutes from Kotor, at the foot of St. Elijah Hill. What makes this place unique are two jewel-like islands - one natural (St. George) and one man-made (Our Lady of the Rocks). We’ll enjoy a short walk along the waterfront, allowing time for taking photos during our 30 minute visit.

Throughout the centuries, many empires battled for control of the town. The town does not have a defensive wall, but instead it has nine defensive towers, the most important, the Holy Cross, gives the impression of a central fortress.

From Perast we see the most famous and only artificially-built island in Montenegro - Our Lady of the Rocks. It was built from 100 shipwrecks filled with solid rock. A legend recounts thatit was built upon a rock after two Venetian sailors from Perast found anicon of the Virgin Mary on it in 1452.

After visiting Perast, we head towards the nearby town of Risan. It is the oldest settlement on the Bay of Kotor - dating from the 4th century BC. The town is known as the main Illyrian state fortress where Queen Teuta took refuge while hiding from Romans during the Illyrian Wars.

Our main point of interest here are the Roman mosaics which date from the 2nd century BC and depict a rare image of the god of Hypnos.

Around 10.00 am we leave Risan and continue our Montenegro seaside tour towards Herceg Novi. Two kilometers before we enter the town we stop to visit Savina Monastery

This significant spiritual place consists of three churches built in different periods - two of them are dedicated to Ascension of Virgin Mary and one to St. Sava, who built it in 13th century and by whom the monastery complex was named.

The town of Herceg Novi is few minutes ride away from the monastery.

Upon arrival we will take a short coffee and breakfast break.

Herceg Novi is located at the mouth of Kotor Bay, hence it has the most exposed position. Owing to its exposure, it has had a very turbulent past, even though it is one of the youngest settlements on the Adriatic coast.

With 255 sunny days per year, it is known as the sunniest town in Montenegro. It is also an exceptionally flora rich city with a lush mix of continental and Mediterranean vegetation.

The Old town is distinquished by numerous stairways that will finally lead you to the seaside promenade and two fortifications – Kanli Kula (Blood Tower) and Forza Mare. We will have one hour to discover its many splendors.

Around 1:00pm we depart this beautiful city and continue our tour along the coastline. At Kamenari, we’ll take a short ferry ride across a narrow strait to the other side of the bay.

Our next destination is the popular center of tourism in Montenegro – the city of Budva.

Old Town Budva lies on a prominent peninsula and represents a treasure chest of the culture heritage of Montenegro. Criss-crossed with narrow streets and squares are famous monuments, such as the Church of Holy Trinity and St. John, as well as the oldest dating from 804. AD - Santa Marija in Punta.

After brief walking tour, we proceed towards the first luxury resort of Montenegro – the Island of St. Stefan, which is artificially connected to the coast by an isthmus. Entrance is not allowed, so we stop for a picturesque photo op.

We continue our Montenegro Seaside tour via a scenic ride to our next location – The Old Town of Bar (Stari Bar).

Well, it’s around 4.00pm - time fora tasty traditional lunch. Montenegro is renowned for good food and big portions.

We spend the next hour exploring the interesting ruins of the Old Town, then visit a remarkable 2.000 year old olive tree during our descent.

This place is one of those where different cultures encounter and merge, where modern residents live in the shadow of Turkish streets, Ottoman aqueducts and a citadel where the first stones were laid over a 1.000 years ago. Landmarks of the town include the ruins of King Nicola’s castle, Haj-Nehaj fortress and Saint Veneranda church.

Near Bar Old Town is Stara maslina - one of the world's oldest olive trees. The tree is reputed to be over 2,000 years old. It is a popular tourist attraction in the country. A side of the tree is completely burned. According to popular folklore, a few men were playing cards next to the tree and one accidentally threw a lit match onto the tree, and it soon went up in flames. Somehow, the tree survived this tragedy and continues to thrive,even bearing fruit.

It is approaching 07.00 pm and time to return to Kotor.

On the return the burning sun begins its descent into the sea. Truly magnificent scenery for the end of the day.


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