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Consider evening at the sea. Exquisite local cuisine to pique your interest. Try on medieval combat armor, use the archery range, make medieval coins, or simply gaze at the stars while sipping a glass of fine wine.

Enjoy unique things to do in Montenegro and make it unforgettable. 

Unique things to do in Montenegro – Boka Bay


  • Ride on a custom-made trimaran, all fees and fuel surcharge
  • A licensed captain, English speaking hostess
  • Complimentary wine onboard
  • Ticket for a tour inside the complex
  • Dinner and wine at the medieval estate (the meal you select from the proposed menu)

*For non-alcohol drinkers wine can be replaced with a soft drink

  • Water
  • Blankets for colder nights

Not included:

  • Tips for the crew

Food available onboard:

Fish menu:

1. Tuna pâté with focaccia

2. Gilthead sea bream roll with vegetable cream, olives

3. Gnocchi with cuttlefish, octopus ragout

Meat menu:

1. Sandwich of cold cicvara, young cheese, prosciutto, veal liver pâté

2. Lamb roasted for 8 hours in tissue, proja, spinach, and soft goat cheese

3. Beef with gnocchi

Vegetarian menu:

1. Sandwich cicvara, beet, young goat kaymak

2. Cheese in a sack, potato croquette with chard, kaymak

3. Gnocchi with spinach

Please note:

  • The desired food menu is selected within the booking application

Starting time: 07:30 pm

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Meeting point: 360 Monte Tour Operator Office


Spend memorable time sailing along Boka Bay on a spacious custom-made trimaran boat. Enjoy food at the medieval estate, prepared exclusively for you by a local chef. From meat to fish and seafood to vegetarian and vegan options, all complemented by the finest Montenegrin wine.

Let us cruise through the entire Kotor Bay, following the burning colors of the sunset!

After 30 minutes of cruising, we will reach Perast and enter the tightest part of the Bay – Verige straight, where Kotor, Risan and Tivat bay meet. 
To stimulate all senses, an appetizer is served onboard along with a glass of wine.


Unique things to do in Montenegro – “Visin”


The night proceeds with a stop at the small Venetian village Prčanj, where we step back in time by visiting a historical medieval estate. This old monastery complex with an active St. Nicolas church is redecorated into a semi-museum to get a true insight of Franciscan past times. This complex was serving as a center of culture and education. It housed a primary and maritime schools, pharmacy, and a rich library. Today it still possesses a valuable collection of paintings, textiles, and metals!
The most exciting part of touring through this complex is surely its interactive exhibition of armors and swords, where you can try on some of the costumes and take amazing pictures!
Among other activities offered are bow & arrow shooting, making medieval coins, etc. 

Dinner is served inside this magnificent estate, followed by a different type of wine and a dessert.

By the time we turn around from here to head back home, giant mountains above us turn into black shadows, the sky flips from orange to dark blue and the stars appear, twinkling together with the coastal lights in the distance, reflecting on water surface.

We will disembark in Kotor port around 10 pm, but those who want to prolong the night at the sea and enjoy more local wine can stay on the boat.

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