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Great Montenegro Tour

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The BEST of Montenegro in a one day escorted tour! We’ll take you to the lofty heights of Lovćen Mountain for breathtaking panoramic views of the Bay of Kotor and traditional breakfast at Njeguši village. Next stop is conquering the excuisite Lake peak at 1.700 meters and visit to world’s highest mousoleum. Drive down to the Old Royal Capital Cetinje, lunch break and a scenic boat ride on the Crnojević River. For the end of the day we stop for a photo of the most famous island Saint Stefan. A full day of exceptionally memorable highlights.

Check why this tour is everyone’s first choice!



  • REQUIRED: 4 people minimum, everyone can participate
  • DURATION: up to 12 hours
  • INCLUDED: full day transport by mini-bus or mini-van, boat ride on the River of Crnojević, professional tour guide in English language
  • NOT INCLUDED: entrance fees (7€ total – two NP and mausoleum), food and drinks (breakfast 3,5€; lunch from 8€)
  • WHAT TO BRING: water, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, camera (warmer clothing for months other than summer)
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Old Austro-Hungarian road, Njeguši village, traditional breakfast, Lovćen NP, mausoleum of Peter II Petrović Njegoš, Old Royal Capital Cetinje, River of Crnojević, traditional lunch, boat ride, Saint Stefan island photo stop

Meeting point is in front of "360 Monte" Travel Agency office in the Old Town of Kotor.

To check exact location on a map, please click HERE.

We start from our meeting point at 9:00 am.

In order to reach the amazing views of the Bay of Kotor and conquer Lovćen Mountain we take the famous Old Austro-Hungarian road from 1884. The road has 25 serpentines and each one will lift us up higher for a better view. After a short ride we pull over for a photo stop at the 5th serpentine to hopefully capture the morning sunshine above the Bay of Kotor.

As we continue with the road, in all its majestic beauty, Boka Bay spreads entirely below us. It is listed among the 25 most beautiful bays in the world. Often referred to as the Europe’s southernmost fjord and you’ll now fully understand why!

It’s often referred to as the Europe’s southernmost fjord. You’ll now fully understand why!

Old Austro-Hungarian Road

Old Austro-Hungarian Road

Our second photo stop is at the 25th serpentine, where from about 1.000 meters above sea level you can capture truly breathtaking photos.

Great Montenegro Tour - Boka Bay view from 25th serpentine – Deep morning thoughts: What’s for breakfast?

Boka Bay view from 25th serpentine – Deep morning thoughts: What’s for breakfast?

After admiring the magnificent Bay of Kotor, we continue our Great Montenegro tour over the slopes of Mt. Lovćen to reach the most famous village in Montenegro - Njeguši, where the best prosciutto (smoked ham) in the region is produced.

Great Montenegro Tour - The most famous village in Montenegro - Njeguši

Along our winding road path we pass a number of original 300+ year old Montenegrin stone houses. Don’t be surprised to see cows and goats grazing, resting, running around or even blocking the road in the surrounding fields and slopes.

Around 10.00 am everybody should be ready for a short breakfast/snack at the oldest restaurant in Montenegro - first opened in 1881.

Prosciutto time!

Prosciutto - traditional smoked ham of Montenegro

Prosciutto - traditional smoked ham of Montenegro

But before you grab a bite, your guide will invite you to enjoy a free traditional RAKIJA shot (strong local brandy), just to start your day off better

After a short rest and excellent traditional food, we’ll be ready to continue our Great Montenegro tour towards the Lovćen peaks. In order to conquer this "Sea of rocks", we’ll drive through the National Park of Lovćen and reach the well-known Lake Peak located at the altitude of 1.660 meters.

Mt Lovćen, Lake Peak

Mt Lovćen, Lake Peak

Statue of Peter II Petrović Njegoš, golden ceiling in the background

Statue of Peter II Petrović Njegoš, golden ceiling in the background

On top of the second highest and imposing peak of Lovćen sits the officially highest mausoleum in the world - where the greatest Montenegrin ruler and poet Petar II Petrović Njegoš rests in peace.

After climbing 461 steps, we’ll finally get to see the huge statue of the ruler made by world renowed sculptor Ivan Meštrović.

This art masterpiece was made from one piece of granite, which originally weighed 50 tons!

When the statue was finished in 1974, it stood 4 meters high and weighed 29 tons.

The ceiling is covered with 200,000 gold pieces that together produce one spacious 18 kg golden mosaic.

As we leave the mausoleum on the opposite side, we’re offered a birds-eye-view of 70% of the entire mountainous and rocky land area of Montenegro.

Time to capture a famous jumping photo!

Lake Peak, 1.660 meters

Lake Peak, 1.660 meters

Master level of meditation

Master level of meditation

After climbing and jumping around we’ll have a rest during our scenic drive from the mountain towards the Old Royal Capital Cetinje. On our way down we’ll be passing Ivanova Korita village, which possesses the only fresh water spring in the entire Lovćen range.

This devil sign is completely unintentional, Štirovnik peak in the background

This devil sign is completely unintentional, Štirovnik peak in the background

Around 2:00 pm we arrive at Cetinje, which was first founded in the 15th century. It is a town of immense historical heritage. It became the center for Montenegrin life through being both a cradle of Montenegrin culture and Orthodox religious center. The authentic Montenegrin architecture will serve as a time-machine that will take us through its rich history.

Detail from one villa at Cetinje

Detail from one villa at Cetinje

Aligned with bright colored houses we’ll also see former embassies from the past century proudly decorating the main street of this royal city. During the walking tour the guide will lead you through the most important monuments that are distinguished by their beauty and historical relevance - Monastery of Cetinje, King Nikola’s Palace, Court Church at Ćipur, and Biljarda (residence of Peter II Petrović Njegoš) where we enter to see concrete relief of Montenegro built by Austro-Hungarian army during WWI.

Church on Ćipur

Church on Ćipur

After forming a basic picture of Montenegrin history, we continue towards the Crnojević River for some astonishing photo shots, scenic boat ride, and, a timely lunch break!

On our way to this wild and diverse natural oasis, the biggest lake in Balkans appears – Skadar Lake (70% in Montenegro, fully protected as National Park - 30% balance being in Albania). Known as a refuge for birds and fish, this place offers a unique insight into Montenegrin wildlife.

River of Crnojević, one of most famous pictures of Montenegro

River of Crnojević, one of the most famous pictures of Montenegro

Heading from the heights of Lovćen towards Skadar’s crypto-depression we lose the lake from our sight - but no worries - soon you’ll be charmed by a flowing river which captures one the most popular postcard views in Montenegro.

Our 3.30 pm lunch stop with a quiet river view is refreshing, even in summer months when the temperature of the river rises.

River Town with Danilo's Bridge from 1853.

River Town with Danilo's Bridge from 1853.

After enjoying delicious local food we proceed to our scenic and relaxing boat ride. As the Crnojević River contributes directly to Skadar Lake, we’ll get the sense of the similar lush vegetation, water lilies and dynamic bird life as if we were at the lake itself.

The best unlabeled wines in Montenegro are made in Skadar Lake region... As you can see from our smiles.

The best unlabeled wines in Montenegro are made in Skadar Lake region... As you can see from our smiles.

If you were wondering why you were bringing your swimming suits – we believe that you got your answer

Everybody cannonball jump!

After enjoying delicious local food we proceed to our scenic and relaxing boat ride. As the Crnojević River contributes directly to Skadar Lake, we’ll get the sense of the similar lush vegetation, water lilies and dynamic bird life as if we were at the lake itself.

Voting not to come back on the boat

Voting not to come back on the boat

It’s already 6:00 pm and time to hit the road towards the best known island in Montenegro, luxury resort of Saint Stefan for a photo stop!

Saint Stefan

Saint Stefan

Big attraction on the Riviera of Budva is Sveti Stefan. The former fishing village situated on a peninsula became an exclusive luxury hotel-town 50 years ago where non guests are not allowed to enter.

The island itself is natural, but the town at it was built for the first time in the 15th century to protect Turkish and pirate invaders from conquering.

We have just enough time to enjoy the beauty of the island and to caption it on a photo. Then, on our way back to Kotor we have possible drop-off stop in Budva for all who maybe want to end their tour here.

Bye bye St. Stefan! Time to go back to Kotor!

Bye bye St. Stefan! Time to go back to Kotor!

8.00 pm is the right time for tour reflections while driving along with the sunset towards Kotor. We’ll finish our Great Montenegro Tour around 8.30 pm.

When applying, please consider that due to summer traffic jam and unpredictable delays on sights, the returning time could be later than proposed.

We always do our best to respect the time schedule.

Thank you.


09.00 am Start from Kotor

10.30 am Arrival at Njegusi village, breakfast break

12.30 am Visit to the mausoleum, Lovćen National Park

02.15 pm Arrival at Cetinje, walking tour

03.30 pm Arrival at River of Crnojević, lunch break

04.30 pm Boat ride, swimming (depending on the temperature)

06.00 pm Drive to St Stefan (via Cetinje), photo stop above Budva

07.30 pm St Stefan photo stop

08.00 pm Return to Kotor

08.30 pm Finish in the Old Town of Kotor


For booking or any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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  • 27.07.2018 AT 20:47:17  Reply

    The tour guide is very knowledgeable and friendly. Took care of everyone on the tour and make sure everyone’s enjoying the most. Would definitely recommend

  • 27.07.2018 AT 18:40:11  Reply

    Tour was great, guide Slo was even better. He was very passionate and had a lot of interesting information. Even if the tour started late and we arrived quite a bit later then expected, still I'd give it a ten out of ten.

  • 26.07.2018 AT 21:12:07  Reply

    The greatest tour ever! A fun day full of new knowledge!

  • 25.07.2018 AT 16:20:47  Reply

    Had an amazing day on the Great Montenegro Tour! We saw some beautiful places, especially Lovćen National Park, and had a lovely relaxing boat ride. Jelena was a great guide who was lots of fun with lots of knowledge about Montenegro! Would definitely recommend!

  • 22.07.2018 AT 11:10:19  Reply

    Excellent service and a super enthusiastic and knowledgable guide (Jelena). We experienced the beautiful nature of Montenegro and the driver made us feel safe on the winding roads. Worth every cent.

  • 18.07.2018 AT 01:04:42  Reply

    Jelena was an amazing guide. We seen beautiful scenery and had lots of history insights. Definitely recommend her and the tour!

  • 13.07.2018 AT 16:19:34  Reply

    We did this wonderful tour on July 7 with the guide Jelena who very professionally left us a great impression of Montenegro. It took us to get to know only beautiful places at 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., only lunch I thought it was too late at 4:00 p.m. and with little food. But I recommend it well worth it and this tour. John & Andrea from São Paulo, Brazil.

  • 05.07.2018 AT 22:03:23  Reply

    Despite the weather, thanks to the beautiful landscapes and of course to the fanthastic Jelena, we really ejoyed the whole day. :)

  • 22.06.2018 AT 16:30:40  Reply

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    The tour was the most memorable part of my tour in Balkan area. The views were great and the guide took us to take in some local treats and it felt like more local experience. Beware that some of the roads are very narrow but the guide was very excellent driver. And did I say views were great? The monument at the peak of the mountain was breathtaking. The tour covered mountain, lake, small village, old capital and coastal view.

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  • 24.05.2018 AT 10:07:43  Reply

    Jelena and Richard Gere were both very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. We were able to be picked up from our apartments outside Kotor and dropped back off there at night, which was really helpful as there were 16 of us.

  • 24.05.2018 AT 00:50:38  Reply

    Thank you to our guide Slobodan, he is so great and truly love his country. He told us many stories and history on the way, every view point we have pretty much time to take photos, chill and enjoy the very best panorama view from different angle. Through this trip, we knew more about Montenegro, of course it is very interesting. At the end of the trip, there is really funny boat trip which I have ever tried

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  • 24.04.2018 AT 22:17:48  Reply

    I took part in the full day tour from Kotor on April 13th with fabulous Jelena. She was the additional highlight of the tour on top of all the fantastic sites and amazing views. Jelena is such a likeable person, knowledgeable guide and what's more important, extremely good driver! A key skill in Montenegro, so you're in safe hands with her! We had a wonderful day touring this beautiful part of the world. The attractions included the Old Road constructed in 1879 connecting Kotor with Old Royal Capital Cetinje, Lovcen Mountain, views of Boka bay, Njegusi village (breakfast with a shot of rakija at 9am!), Mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic-Njegos and its chapel (climbing 461 steps but it's so worth it for the views), Cetinje town with its monastery, later River Crnojevica and a relaxing boat cruise on Lake Skadar (free tastings of home made wine courtesy of the captain). Last attraction on our way back was admiring the former fishing village Sveti Stefan on the Riviera of Budva. Delicious breakfast and lunch are included in the tour price. Jelena, our guide was super entertaining and accommodating the needs of the group as and when needed. She would share a lot of interesting stories about the area and local customs. We had many opportunities to take individual and group photos too. The views and locations that we visited were absolutely stunning and it's almost impossible that we managed to squeeze so much into a single day. I would recommend this tour to anyone keen to explore Montenegro the best way possible.This all day tour very really good value for money and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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  • 03.04.2018 AT 14:14:31  Reply


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  • 24.03.2018 AT 18:01:21  Reply


  • 24.03.2018 AT 17:52:02  Reply

    A must-experience tour filled with great information, laughter, and comradery! Our fantastic tour guide Jelena was a constant source of good spirits and tips about where the best photos can be taken! In fact, she even took some of them for us, and expertly so. This was one of our group’s favorite experiences on our Croatia-Montenegro vacation and we are determined to return! Thank you!

  • 16.10.2017 AT 16:07:12  Reply

    really enjoyed. We had OGNIJ (sorry if I got the spelling wrong) as our tour guide. He's quite enthusiastic and energetic, cheeky & funny but also friendly, respectful & helpful. Also good that the brochure tells you exactly what additional costs will be incurred (Appreciate the honesty). breakfast could be better value, but GENEROUS wine option HELPED!! great sights, great guide, GREAT TOUR :-)

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    WHAT A good choice this was to explore the history and stunning countryside with such an enthusiastic and informative guide. The whole day was varied and fascinating. Our guide was good humoured, knowleable, empatheatic, and was a credit to his country in a very professional manner. I would love to return to try out the other tours. Excellent English and keen to engage with clients.

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  • Hui
    03.04.2017 AT 15:02:59  Reply

    We will arrive at kotor on 4 April afternoon . We have only two person but we want to join 1 day tour, (great Montenegro tour .) Can you register it for us first?\r\nDoes your company is the same regiment as the youth hostel's of kotor 1 day tour? \r\n Why the price is not the same ? Your price €39 but their price is €35 \r\nMay I ask if the weather in no good will you cancel the tour and refund the money to us ?

  • 13.03.2017 AT 01:31:21  Reply

    Dear, We had small technical issue with our email address. I hope that you received my email. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can also reach me on this phone number +38267839882 via Viber or WhatsApp. Have a nice day.

  • 08.03.2017 AT 08:25:39  Reply

    I try to send email to 1 week ago but i still didn't get responds. Contact via phone is the only way to book the tour??

  • 10.01.2017 AT 03:15:51  Reply

    Hi, what is the mode of transport used for this tour? I would also be looking at booking for 2 people - is it possible to join another group to make the maximum 4 person requirement? Thanks.

    10.01.2017 AT 03:15:51

    we have luxury merzedes vans. Yes its possible, please contact us directly.

  • 22.12.2016 AT 09:44:30  Reply

    Is it possible to book for 3 people? How much waling is there to do?

    22.12.2016 AT 09:44:30

    yes its possible, please contact directly.

  • 05.11.2016 AT 04:08:59  Reply

    just to say thx Jelena! Finest guide we ever had!

  • 28.04.2016 AT 12:30:42  Reply

    Was on this tour earlier this month. Weather was not a best but guide was amazing and put weather in second plan completely. Tour as tour was great, saw and learnt a lot. I really liked it.

    28.04.2016 AT 12:30:42

    Thx so much , hope to see you again!

  • 23.04.2016 AT 15:07:41  Reply

    Fantastic tour,thank you so much for a great day.

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