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    By far the most enjoyable way to experience the jewels of Kotor Bay on a scenic and relaxing boat ride.


    Starting from Kotor, after only 20 minutes of sailing we reach the most famous island of Our Lady of Rocks. We’ll visit both the church and museum, proceed to the beautiful town of Perast, enjoy its magnificent architecture and main square. From there we sail on the other side of the bay, visit the town of Prčanj, view the church of Virgin Mary and house of the famous captain Ivo Visin.

    Don’t miss the picturesque panorama of Stoliv and Muo on our way back to Old Town of Kotor, where we offer a detailed walking tour around the city, including a visit to the Maritime Museum. After the walking tour you are welcome to take a break at “Letrika” coffee bar for complimentary charcoal coffee, another unique and distinctive attraction of Kotor.




    DURATION: up to 3 hours


    INCLUDED: transportation by a special custom made boat, proffesional tour guide in English language, visit to the Island Our Lady of Rocks, entrance fee to the church and museum, visit to Perast and Prčanj, entrance fee to Maritime Museum, map of the city and charcoal coffe degustation in letrika caffee bar, 0.5l bottle of water per person


    NOT INCLUDED: other drinks or souvenirs


    WHAT TO BRING: suncream, hat, camera


    HIGHLIGHTS: boat ride along the bay, Island Our Lady of Rocks, church and museum, Perast town promenade, town of Prčanj, church of Virgin Mary and house of famous Captain Ivo Visin, Square of Arms, Clock Tower, Palace of Bizanti, Beskuća, Buća and Pima families, Cathedral of St. Tryphon, Maritime Museum, Karampana Fountain, St. Luke’s and St. Nikola’s church, Blessed Osanna church, Norhtern (river) Gate, charcoal coffee


    9:30 am MEETING POINT – “360 Monte” Travel Agency office;


    To check exact location on a map, please click HERE.


    MEETING POINT CRUISER GUESTS – Kotor port exit gate


    Embarking point is Kotor from where we head towards the most famous and only man-made island in Montenegro – Our Lady of the Rocks.

    For about 30 minutes we sail on clear deep blue waters along Kotor Bay, admiring high elevations of Lovćen Mountain rising above us, passing picturesque villages of Dobrota, Orahovac, Ljuta, and finally, reaching our first destination.


    Our Lady of Rocks


    The legend has it that the island was created over the centuries by local seamen who kept an ancient oath after finding the icon of Madonna and the Child on a rock in the sea on July 22, 1452. Upon returning from each successful voyage, they laid a rock in the Bay. Over time, the islet gradually emerged from the sea. The custom of throwing rocks into the sea is alive even today. Every year on the sunset of July 22, an event called “Fašinada” is celebrated, when local residents throw rocks from their boats, widening and strengthening the surface of the island.

    We take a half hour guided tour to explore the island and visit the church and museum.


    Inside of the Our Lady Church


    Attached to the 17th century church, there is a museum of gifts which were primarily donated by sailors and captains who had lived through fierce storms and battles during their long voyages on the open sea.


    At 10:30 am we proceed to the most completely intact baroque town on the entire Adriatic coast, only a 5 minutes boat ride away – the town of Perast.


    From the interaction between mainland and bay, the inherent contrast of stone and water, the dialogue of island and wave, sometimes in harmony but often in conflict, this sea-faring town has derived its unity, strength and sense of purpose. Despite its small size, a sophisticated urban structure arose, demonstrated by the proportion, scale, massing and rhythm of the great number of public buildings, especially along the waterfront.




    Walking along the beautiful waterfront we reach the main square in the middle of Perast, with the church of St. Nicolas’ and its impressive 55 meter high belfry. From there we continue our circuit tour with sailing towards the other side of the bay. We disembark in the town of Prčanj at 11:30am.


    Town of Muo


    This place has adorable architecture from the 17th and 18th century. The imposing Church of Virgin Mary especially stands out, rich in baroque decoration and containing priceless art treasures.


    It was always known as a town from where the best and bravest captains and maritime people originated.


    Town of Prčanj


    Among them we include the most famous captain in this region – Ivo Visin, known as the first South Slav who circumnavigated the world with his brigantine “Splendido”. And as we walk along the promenade we soon get to see his birth house.


    Church of Virgin Mary in Prčanj


    There we meet our captain again – waiting to take us back to Kotor.

    On the way back, we enjoy a relaxing cruise and pass two more historical settlements: Stoliv and Muo.


    Town of Stoliv


    Disembark is planned for 12:30pm (Noon)




    09:30h Start from Kotor (from the agreed location)


    10:00h Arrival at island Our Lady of Rocks


    10:30h Boat ride to the island Perast, visit to the main square


    11:15h Ride to the other side of the Bay


    11:30h Arrival to Prčanj, walk along the waterfront 


    12:00h Cruise back to Kotor


    12:30h Arrival at the Old Town


    12.40h Walking Tour (1 hour)


    13.40h Finish at Letrika Bar for charcoal coffee (optional)




    For booking or any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.