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The Best of West Balkans & Adria in 10 days

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This tour is designed for people who are wishing to explore the very best parts of stunning Montenegro and also visit Dubrovnik, Mostar and Sarajevo in a very special 10 day all inclusive experience. If you are wondering if this is the right trip for you, here are some of the great things you can expect from this wonderful tour package:

  • Day 1. Arrival and welcome day in the beautiful UNESCO city of Kotor
  • Day 2. See all the best things central & south Montenegro has to offer
  • Day 3. Budva Chill Day
  • Day 4. Experience Dubrovnik and arrival in Mostar
  • Day 5.Discover beauty of Mostar, Kravice waterfalls, arrival in Sarajevo
  • Day 6. Enjoy the sites and history of Sarajevo, arrival at Nikšić
  • Day 7. Discover what makes North Montenegro - Part 1
  • Day 8. Discover what makes North Montenegro - Part 2
  • Day 9. Explore the astounding Bay of Kotor on a marvelous Boka Bay Cruise.
  • Day 10. Final day to enjoy Kotor and say goodbye before you depart
  • Transfers from/to the airport (Podgorica, Tivat or Dubrovnik)
  • Travel in comfort in our safe and modern vehicles
  • Licensed professionally trained tour guides fluent in English
  • Learn and experience local culture and discover what makes Montenegro such an interesting unique place to visit
  • 9 nights accommodation – included Days to relax
  • Meals and entrance fees – included
  • Time to relax and enjoy the wonders and beauty of Montenegro and it’s surrounds
  • DURATION: 10 days
  • IDELA AGE: 5 to 99 years

To begin we will organize your transfer from Dubrovnik, Podgorica or Tivat airport to Kotor and you will check-in to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time, you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast/lunch break. You will then discover Kotor’s stunning Old Town on an organized walking tour after which you can enjoy some free time exploring Kotor some more at your own pace until dinner.

DAY 1. Welcome to Kotor


DURATION: up to 1 hour
INCLUDED: professional tour guide in English language, map of the city
NOT INCLUDED: other drinks or souvenirs
WHAT TO BRING: water, sun cream, a hat, camera
HIGHLIGHTS: Square of Arms, Clock Tower, Palace of Bizanti, Beskuća, Buća and Pima families, Cathedral of St. Tryphon, Maritime Museum, Karampana fountain, St. Luke’s and St. Nikola’s Church

The BEST way to discover the beauty of Montenegro, it’s history and culture, is by visiting it’s national parks! We’ll take you to the lofty heights of Lovćen Mountain for breathtaking panoramic views of the Bay of Kotor and hear some interesting facts about the area. Next stop is conquering the exquisite Lake peak (1,700 meters above sea level) and visit the highest Mausoleum and look over the vast mountainous landscape of Montenegro. We will drive on to the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje followed by a relaxing lunch break and a scenic boat ride on the River of Crnojević. Finally, we will stop for a photo of the most famous city on the coast – Budva. A full day of exceptionally memorable highlights that you are sure not to forget.

DAY 2. The Best of Central & South Monte


07:30 am – Start from Budva, photo stops along the serpentines
09:30 am – Arrival at Njeguši village, breakfast break
11:00 am – Visit to the mausoleum, Lovćen National Park
12:45 pm – Arrival at Cetinje, walking tour
02:30 pm – Arrival at River of Crnojević, lunch break
04:00 pm – Boat ride, swimming (depending on the temperature)
05:30 pm – Departure to St Stefan (via Cetinje), scenic drive above Budva
06:30 pm – St Stefan photo stop
07:00 pm – Finish in the Budva
08:00 pm – Dinner


DURATION: up to 12 hours
INCLUDED: full day transport by mini-bus or mini-van, boat ride on the River of Crnojević, professional tour guide in English language, entrance fees
WHAT TO BRING: water, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, camera (warmer clothing for the mountain and months other than summer)
HIGHLIGHTS: Old Austro-Hungarian road, Njeguši village, traditional breakfast, Lovćen NP, mausoleum of Peter II Petrović Njegoš, Old Royal Capital Cetinje, River of Crnojević,

After a long day yesterday, you have day for relaxation in far the most visited summer destination in Montenegro - Queen of tourism – Budva. To make sure you will see all the things you should, we offered to you a mix of history, architecture, swimming and unforgettable photo session time. Magnificent combination of the ancient and modern, Budva is great option to visit something absolutely different from Boka Bay, and yet it is only 30 minutes away from Kotor.

DAY 3. Budva Chill Day


10:00 am – Start to Budva after breakfast
10:30 am – Old Town Budva walking tour
11:30 am – Free time (beach, lunch)
18:30 pm – Sveti Stefan – photo stop
19:00 pm – Drive back to Kotor
20:30 pm – Dinner


INCLUDED: transport by mini-bus, professional tour guide in English
NOT INCLUDED: other drinks or souvenirs
WHAT TO BRING: sun cream, a hat, towel, swimming costume, camera
HIGHLIGHTS: Old Town of Budva, Santa Maria in Punta, St. John’s and Holy Trinity church, Citadela, Sveti Stefan

Day four will take you on a journey beyond Montenegro’s borders and give you a taste of it’s closest neighbors. You will get to discover the picturesque city of Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia, and marvel at not only it’s impressive architecture and history but also see where one of the most popular TV shows in the world was filmed – Game of Thrones – before heading for a wonderful night in Mostar, UNESCO protected city in Bosnia. Our “Kings’ Landing” itinerary is as follows:

DAY 4. Dubrovnik Highlights and arrival in Mostar


07:30 am – Start from Budva after breakfast
08:30 am – Arrive in Risan, Roman Mosaics
11:00 am – Arrive in Dubrovnik, walking tour
01:00 pm – Free time (walk, lunch break etc.)
06:30 pm – Drive to Mostar, check in
08:00 pm – Dinner


DURATION: up to 10 hours (The time of arrival in Dubrovnik can be longer due to traffic jams on the border pass)
INCLUDED: full day transport by mini-bus, professional tour guide in English language, entrance fees, food and drinks
WHAT TO BRING: water, sunscreen, camera (warmer clothing for months other than summer)
HIGHLIGHTS: Roman mosaics, Pile Gate, main street Stradun, Onofrio's Fountain Luza Square with Orlando's column, St. Blaise Church, Rector's Palace, Green market, Sponza Palace

When you think it is over with seeing beauties under UNESCO protection, than you see Mostar with its beautiful Old Bridge. This day is saved for you to discover Bosnian culture, cuisine and landscapes in a chill way with unforgettable photo session on Kravice Waterfalls.

DAY 5. Beauties of Mostar and arrival in Sarajevo


08:00 am – Start from Mostar after breakfast, check out
08:30 am – Walking tour
10:00 am – Free time
12:00 am – Drive to Kravice Waterfalls
01:00 pm – Free time
02:00 pm – Lunch break near Kravice
04:00 pm – Drive to Sarajevo
06:30 pm – Check in
08:00 pm – Dinner in Sarajevo


DURATION: up to 12 hours
INCLUDED: full day transport by mini-bus, professional tour guide in English, entrance fees, food and drinks
WHAT TO BRING: water, sunscreen, comfortable shoe, swimming costume, towel
HIGHLIGHTS: Old Bridge, Mostar market,Kravice Waterfalls

Due to a long history of religious and cultural diversity, Sarajevo is often referred to as the “Jerusalem of Europe” or “Jerusalem of the Balkans.” It is one of only a few major European cities to have a mosque, Catholic church, Orthodox church and a synagogue all within the same neighborhood. It is a city where East meets West and it surely has a lot to offer.

DAY 6. Diversity of Sarajevo, arrival in Nikšić


09:00 am -Start from Hotel, check out
09:30 am  - Breakfast
10:30 am - Start of the Walking tour
13:30 pm - Lunch
14:30 pm - Free time
15:30 pm - Drive to Nikšić
19:30 pm – Nikšić, Hotel check in
20:30 pm – Dinner

Sarajevo walking tour highlights:

Sarajevo meeting of Culture – pass through the street where East meets West. This is the spot where the two dominant cultures that shaped life in Sarajevo merge. If you go West from this place, you will come face to face with Austro-Hungarian architecture, and if you decide to go East, you can enjoy the architecture that the Ottoman Empire left behind. (10 min)
Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque – surely the most representative monument left behind by the Ottoman Empire in Sarajevo. This site takes us back to the 16th century. This is the biggest Mosque in Bosnia and Hercegovina. We will enter the yard and talk about its history, entering the Mosque is optional. (20 min)
Old Sarajevo Clock Tower – another famous landmark of Sarajevo. The Sarajevo clock tower shows lunar time, which makes it unique to the whole world. The Sarajevo clock tower dates back to the 17th century and is the tallest in the country. (5 min)
Morica han (a Caravan-Saraj) – this is a well-preserved hotel that was built during the Ottoman Empire. Today Morica Han has been turned into a small bazaar and has a unique ambiance worth visiting. (10 min)
Bascarsija (or Pigeon Square with Sebilj) – see an Ottoman-styled fountain in the middle of Bascarsija square. Surrounded by narrow streets, small shops and restaurants that serve traditional food (burek – meat pie, cevapi – type of kebab), this site will give you the feeling that the Ottoman empire never left Sarajevo. (15 min)
Sarajevo City Hall – a very special building from the end of the19th century. It is Sarajevo’s largest and most representative building of the Austro-Hungarian period and has also served as the National Library. This building houses cultural exhibitions and has a turbulent history. (10 min)
Latin bridge – this is the site of the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by Gavrilo Princip in 1914, which became casus belli of World War I. (10 min) Eternal flame – a memorial to both the military and civilian victims of World War II in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. (10 min)
Sacred Heart Cathedral – the last monument to be seen ion the tour. It is the biggest Catholic Cathedral in Sarajevo and you will be able to enjoy it inside and out before returning back to our original starting point. (10 min)
Going back to where we started - Sarajevo meeting of Culture

Now when you have learned a lot about the history of Montenegro and saw three gems of Croatia and Bosnia, it is time to discover truly unique parts of the Northern Region of Montenegro. This tour is designed for all nature and cuisine lovers made to combine all the places that make Montenegro wild and wonderful – beginning from Nikšić, driving up to the high elevations of the mountains to visit the greatest pilgrimage place on Balkans – Ostrog Monastery; step inside the heart of National park Durmitor - Black Lake to refill your memorable travel experience!

DAY 7. The Best of North Monte – Part 1


09:00 am – Start from Nikšić after breakfast,check out
10:00 am – Arrival at Ostrog Monastery
11:00 am – Drive to Žabljak
01:00 pm – Arrival at town of Žabljak, check in
02:00 pm – Lunch break in Žabljak
03:30 pm – Visit to the Black Lake, free time (hiking, swimming) till dinner
07:30 pm – Dinner in Momčilov grad


DURATION: up to 10 hours
INCLUDED: full day transport by mini-bus, professional tour guide in English, entrance fee to NP Durmitor, food and drinks
WHAT TO BRING: water, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, swimming costume, towel
HIGHLIGHTS: Ostrog Monastery Town of Žabljak, traditional lunch, Black Lake, Momčilov grad

For our second part of magnificent North Monte, we picked up another National Park Biogradska gora, last preserved rainforest of Europe with a must-see view on deepest European canyon of Tara river right from Đurđevića Tara Bridge. To make sure this is not just a scenery part of our great journey, we offer the zip line for adventurous people.

DAY 8. The Best of North Monte – Part 2


09:00 am – Start from Žabljak after breakfast, check out
09:20 am – Arrive at Đurđevića Tara Bridge, zip-line (optional)
10:00 am – Drive to Biogradska gora
11:30 am – Arrival at Biogradska gora, free time 2 hours
02:00 pm – Lunch break near Kolašin
03:30 pm – Drive to Budva
07:00 pm – Arrive in Budva, check in
08:00 pm – Dinner


DURATION: up to 11 hours
INCLUDED: full day transport by mini-bus, professional tour guide in English, entrance fee to NP Biogradskagora, food and drinks
NOT INCLUDED: zip line on Tara Bridge
WHAT TO BRING: water, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, swimming costume, towel
HIGHLIGHTS: Đurđevića Tara Bridge, Tara Canyon, Biogradskagora, traditional lunch

Boka Bay may not have the long beaches that the Budva Riviera is famous for, but it is an incredible place to go swimming. Our specially designed cruise boat will help you enjoy all the incredible things Boka Bay has to offer to the fullest. Sit back and relax and enjoy a day of pure luxury on board while you absorb the unique landscapes of Boka Bay.

DAY 9. Boka Bay Cruise


07:45 am – Breakfast
08:30 am – Transfer to Kotor
09:00 am – Embark in Kotor
09:50 am – Swimming break near Bijela
10:10 am – Ride to Mamula
10:40 am – Cruise around Mamula, exit to the open sea
11:00 am – Arrival to Blue Cave, swimming break
11:30 am – Cruise to Yugoslavian tunnels
12:00 pm – Quick stop at the tunnels, and heading to Porto Montenegro
01:30 pm – Arrival to Porto Montenegro, lunch break and free time


DURATION: up to 8 hours
INCLUDED: transportation by boat, professional tour guide in English language, entrance fee to Our Lady of the Rocks museum, fruits, welcoming champagne and shots, food
NOT INCLUDED: other drinks and souvenirs
WHAT TO BRING: swimming costume, towel, sun cream, sunglasses, hat, appropriate clothing for the church
HIGHLIGHTS: ride along the bay, Perast town promenade, swimming in the Blue Cave, going around island Mamula, tunnels of Yugoslavian army, Island Our Lady of the Rocks with church and museum, swimming in the middle of the bay, ride back with the view of Stoliv, Prčanj and Muo

This is your farewell to Montenegrin life. Relax and enjoy your time in Kotor before you catch your transfers out. We recommend taking a walk-up St. John’s Fortress if you haven’t yet had the chance where you can get yet another incredible view of the bay overlooking the Old Town of Kotor.

DAY 10. Free time morning &transfer out

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