Why visit Lovcen from Kotor?

    Our Kotor to Lovcen private tour is a must for anyone visiting Montenegro, especially for the first time. Join us on a journey that will take you through the history, culture & heritage Montenegro boasts while enjoying incredible landscapes and windy roads ahead. The rest is on us to ensure that every traveler experiences the awe-inspiring splendors of this journey in the most immersive and enjoyable way.

    Our private tour starts from Kotor’s Old Town, nestled at the foot of Mount Lovcen and bordered by the shimmering Adriatic Sea. Kotor’s charm lies in its well-preserved medieval old town, adorned with winding streets, quaint squares, and captivating architecture that narrates a thousand-year-old tale. No wonder Kotor is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, inviting travelers to witness its timeless allure.

    Just a few minutes after departing, we will start ascending the old serpentine road, allowing you to witness some of the most stunning views of Kotor Bay. The drive itself is an adventure, with twenty-five serpentines taking you upwards, each turn unveiling a more spectacular panorama than the last. We will make two photo stops on this road and hear a few stories from our tour guide. So, don’t forget your camera; the Kotor & Boka Bay views are postcard material!

    From there, we’re off to visit one of the most important places, if not the most important, in Montenegro. Welcome to Lovcen National Park!

    Upon arriving, we’ll be greeted by the pristine and untouched beauty of Montenegro’s wilderness. Here, the mountain air is crisp, the scenery is dramatic, and the tranquility is palpable. The park is home to diverse flora and fauna, presenting opportunities for thrill-seekers and nature lovers.

    The highlight of our Kotor to Lovcen tour is undoubtedly the Njegos’ Mausoleum, situated atop the second-highest peak of Mount Lovcen. A tribute to Petar II Petrovic-Njegos, a beloved Montenegrin leader and poet, this mausoleum is a testament to the country’s deep-rooted respect for its history and heritage. The climb to the Lovcen mausoleum is a significant part of the journey, featuring 461 steps that lead you to the highest accessible viewpoint in Montenegro. The hike is well worth it, as you’re rewarded with a 360-degree view stretching across Montenegro and beyond. On clear days, you can see over half of the country, the Adriatic Sea, Lake Skadar, and even the distant peaks of Albania and Croatia.

    After spending some time at the Mausoleum, doing our famous jumping photo at its viewpoint, we continue towards Cetinje, the former capital of Montenegro, where we’ll have a free walking tour before returning to Kotor, where another activity awaits – our Kotor Walking Tour. This part is entirely optional, but as it doesn’t come at an extra cost, we highly recommend exploring the windy streets of Kotor with us!

    In addition, here are a few frequently asked questions that might help you in deciding whether or not to join our tour:

    How long is the Kotor to Lovcen tour?

    The tour lasts approximately 6 hours. This includes the drive, time at the mausoleum, and walking tour at Cetinje, with the optional walking tour in Kotor.

    What should I wear for the tour?

    We recommend comfortable clothing and shoes, as some walking is involved, especially when hiking 461 steps to the Njegos’ Mausoleum.

    Is the tour suitable for children?

    Absolutely. Children can enjoy the tour, although climbing the mausoleum might be challenging for younger ones. The stunning scenery and fascinating historical sites will captivate visitors of all ages.

    Is Lovcen worth a visit?

    Without a doubt, Mount Lovcen is one of the must-visit places in Montenegro. It’s not just the dramatic natural beauty that makes it a must-see but also its historical and cultural significance.

    How do you hike from Kotor to Lovcen Mausoleum?

    If you’re an avid hiker and up for a challenge, you can hike from Kotor to Lovcen Mausoleum. The trail starts in Kotor’s Old Town and follows the old caravan path (the ladder of Kotor) up the mountain. It’s a steep and strenuous hike, with an elevation gain of over 1,600 meters (5249 feet), and can take 6-8. We recommend starting early, bringing plenty of water and snacks, and wearing appropriate hiking gear. Please note that this hike best suits experienced hikers in good physical condition.

    How to get to Lovcen National Park from Kotor?

    Getting to Lovcen National Park from Kotor is relatively straightforward. If you’re not part of a tour, you can hire a taxi or rent a car. The drive takes you along the old serpentine road, offering splendid views of the Bay of Kotor. If you’re more adventurous, you can bike or hike to the park, but be prepared for a challenging and steep journey.

    By 360 Monte, May 2023