North Montenegro – Durmitor, Tara & Ostrog Tour

North Montenegro – Durmitor, Tara & Ostrog Tour

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This tour is designed for all nature and adventure lovers made to combine all the places that make Montenegro wild and wonderful – beginning with the beautiful coastline of Kotor and Risan Bay; driving up to the high elevations of the Durmitor Mountains; admiring the deepest canyon in Europe - the river Tara; hiking around Black Lake and visiting the most famous and mysterious spiritual spot in the Balkans – the Ostrog Monastery. An overall memorable travel experience!


  • REQUIRED: 4 people minimum, everyone can participate
  • DURATION: up to 12 hours
  • INCLUDED: full day transport by mini-van or mini-bus, professional tour guide in english
  • NOT INCLUDED: entrance fee to np durmitor (3€ per person), food and drinks (breakfast from 3,5€, lunch from 7€)
  • WHAT TO BRING: water, suncreen, comfortable shoes
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Perast photo stop, View of Boka Bay above Risan, Slano Lake, traditional breakfast, Đurđevića Tara Bridge, Tara Canyon, Town of Žabljak, traditional lunch, Black Lake, Ostrog Monastery

Meeting point is in front of “360 Monte” Travel Agency office in the Old Town of Kotor.

To check exact location on a map, please click HERE.

We begin from our meeting point at 7:10 am.

After 20 minutes we take our first photo stop at the outskirts of the baroque town of Perast. A short distance from the shoreline you’ll be able to capture perspectives of two famous islands – Our Lady of the Rocks (artificial) and Saint George (natural).

Our Lady of Rocks, view from Perast

Our Lady of Rocks, view from Perast (* PHOTO STOP)

After our brief stop in Perast we´ll continue our North Montenegro tour towards the higher elevations of Montenegro. As we begin the drive up into the surrounding mountains, a reflective panorama of the Bay of Kotor will reveal itself below. Often, instead of deep blue water, we can see morning fog filling the bay, offering a more mysterious impression. We won’t miss an opportunity for a photo stop along the way to capture this amazing scenery.

View above Risan Bay

View above Risan Bay

We continue our trip towards Nikšić, the second biggest city in Montenegro. Driving through the slopes of Orijen Mountain, we pass the small picturesque village Grahovo, surrounded by classic mountainous countryside of Montenegro.

Abandoned mountain house

Abandoned mountain house

Just before we arrive in Nikšić (where the best Montenegrin beer is made), we’ll take another photo stop at the beautiful Salty Lake (Slano Jezero), one of two big lakes that surround this historical city – We’ll also view the other one, Lake Krupac,along the way.

Salty Lake at Nikšić

Salty Lake at Nikšić

After about 2 hours of astounding natural landscapes, we’ll take a much-needed breakfast break, enjoying tasty local food and drink.

No need for a fabric softener, all you need is a mountain breeze

No need for a fabric softener, all you need is a mountain breeze

From Nikšić we continue towards the Mountain of Durmitor, where dramatic rocky peaks rise high into the sky. Along our route we’ll pass dense pine and colorful deciduous forest.

Our next stop is the Đurđevića Tara Bridge – the highest in Europe when built in 1940 - spanning the renown Tara River. If so inclined, time will be allotted to cross the 365 meter long bridge, 172 meters above the canyon floor.

Tara River Bridge (Đurđevića Tara Bridge)

Tara River Bridge (Đurđevića Tara Bridge)

Zip-Line at Tara Bridge

Zip-Line at Tara Bridge

During this 30 minute break,don’t miss your chance to try-out the longest zip-line in the region,crossing the river from a bird’s-eye perspective!

The Tara is not only the longest river in Montenegro (length of 144 km) – it also has created the deepest canyon in Europe (1,300 meters) - and 2nd deepest in the WORLD! (Right after the Grand Canyon)

Tara River, view from the Bridge

Tara River, view from the Bridge

This turquoise wonder is called by many “The Tear of Europe“, being very pure and completely drinkable.

It’s almost 2 pm and the perfect time to stop for a lunch break, so our next destination is Žabljak, the highest town in Balkans, located at 1450 meters above sea level.

Countryside on Durmitor Mountain

Countryside on Durmitor Mountain

This popular tourist winter and ski center hasn’t lost its traditional countryside spirit.Comprised of many mountain houses with steeply-angled roofs extending to ground level; hand written boards advertising domestic products;small wooden restaurants and bars; and, sheep and cows wandering about.

Experts testing endemic plants on Durmitor

Experts testing endemic plants on Durmitor

After enjoying excellent local food, we proceed our North Montenegro tour straight to the hidden jewel of Durmitor National Park – the majestic Black Lake.

Black Lake

Black Lake

Since the lake consists of two lakes combined in one (depending on the time of the year and the amount of water) - from above it appears like a pair of clear blue eyes, giving the impression that the mountain is looking back at you. This lake is among 18 glacial lakes above 1,500 meters elevation on Durmitor Mountain.All together they are called “Mountain Eyes”.

Black Lake also known as`Mountains eyes`

Black Lake also known as "Mountains eyes"

For a full experience of this pristine and wild environment, we’ll take a one hour break to hike around the 4 km trail around the lake, to go swimming (conditions allowing), or to simply relax and breathe in the fresh mountain air while enjoying the view of Bear’s Peak, rising majestically above the thick pine forest.

Black Lake with Bear's peak in the background

Black Lake with Bear's peak in the background

Time to hit the road towards the most visited spiritual and mysterious place in Montenegro – Ostrog Monastery.

Nearing sunset, we’ll begin our ascent up the narrow and winding road, enjoying spectacular views of the highly-perched monastery in the effects of the setting sun.

Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery

You may have an opportunity to observe bare footed pilgrims climbing up the 3 km long road, in order to reach this holy place and sleep over in the monastery yard.

Ostrog was built in 1667 by the monk, Vasilije Ostroški,who lived and died there. His relics are now preserved and considered miraculous. This place gives a good insight into the history of the conservative Orthodox tradition of Montenegro.

Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery

Sunset along the way

Sunset along the way

People from many different countries come to venerate the holy relics of the saint and to ask for help and healing. There are a lot of documented evidences of miraculous healings after visiting the holy relics.

Around 6 pm, amidst the surreal influences of the setting sun, it’ll be time to sum up our impressions and return back to our beloved seasidebase – Kotor, where we’ll arrive around 8.30 pm.

When applying, please have in mind summer traffic jam and unpredictable delays on sights, so the returning time could be later than proposed.

We always do our best to respect the time schedule.

Thank you.


07:10 am Start from Kotor

07:30 am Photo stop at Perast

07:50 am Photo stop above Risan Bay

09:00 am Arrival at Nikšić, breakfast break

11:30 am Arrival at Đurđevića Tara Bridge, zip-line (optional)

14:00 pm Arrival at town of Žabljak, lunch break

14:45 pm Visit to the Black Lake, 1 hour free time (hiking, swimming)

17:00 pm Arrival at Ostrog Monastery

20.30 pm Finish in the Old Town of Kotor


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  • 30.07.2018 AT 14:40:41  Reply

    Ossom guide, amazing locations, good food, comfortable bus and excellent driver - it was a perfect day!

  • 29.07.2018 AT 22:40:09  Reply

    The North Montenegro Tour was a real pleasure even though we drove a lot of kilometres, it was worth it! The black and salty lake are beautiful and the ostrog monastery stunning. The whole team made us feel welcomed and everything was perfectly organized. We wanted to specially thank our guide Luka who made the trip even more special. He knew and told us a lot of interesting things and always had a joke on his lips. He was very caring for each of us.

  • 29.07.2018 AT 00:53:01  Reply

    fantastic trip, good restaurant and excellent substantive preparation

  • 25.07.2018 AT 16:16:11  Reply

    Such a fun trip with beautiful scenery! A great way to see some of the North of the country if you don't have time to spend multiple days there. Slobodan was a great guide with lots of knowledge about Montenegro and the areas we visited. Would definitely recommend!

  • 25.07.2018 AT 14:13:36  Reply

    Great tour where you see a lot when you travel through Montenegro on your own without a car. Our tour guide was very nice, very good, told us a lot and was very flexible - good atmosphere. Also the small group size was a great plus!

  • 24.07.2018 AT 14:37:30  Reply

    Slo was amazing had so much fun and such a great tour!

  • 19.07.2018 AT 00:41:23  Reply

    Great north tour of Montenegro with Luka. He is an awesome guide - knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic and personable. Seen so many sights in just one day. Totally recommend Luka and the agency!

  • 18.07.2018 AT 16:27:53  Reply

    You have a perfect guide for this tour! Regards to Ognjen :)

  • 17.07.2018 AT 19:14:40  Reply

    Luka our guide was excellent. Informative, funny, accommodating and knowledgeable. We will certainly recommend. We had a great tour and saw some beautiful parts of Montenegro. Thank you. Kind regards Sarah and Alan.

  • 16.07.2018 AT 12:14:42  Reply

    Hallo, i just book the tour for tomorrow, but we only have two people, we really want to join the tour , yet we cannot fUfill the minimum requirement of the partiCipants >< Please kindly reply Me to reconfirm thr tour , thank yOu

  • 15.07.2018 AT 20:42:42  Reply

    Hello. We would like to book a trip to dormitor, for 4 people, for wednesday or thursday. We are staying in risan and would like to be picked up from risan. Please advise. Thank you. Regards. Olga

  • 23.06.2018 AT 18:58:56  Reply

    Extensive tour round a number of sites in north Montenegro very informative tour guide who told us lots about the history of, Montenegro,had a beautiful view of kotor bay,then drove into the north of the country stopping for breakfast,before heading to the National Park walking round a lake,visiting a canyon and to finish a fantastic monastery.

  • 19.06.2018 AT 14:19:52  Reply

    The tour enlightens you about the nature and culture of Montenegro. The views where breathtaking and the lake was picturesque and postcard worthy . The guide was amazing and very knowledgable about the country and the locations we visited. As it is the northern part of the country it does require a lot of driving but was an amazing day.

  • 18.06.2018 AT 17:39:16  Reply

    Hello from Italia! Excellent tour, amazing guide and food, strongly recommended!!

  • 16.06.2018 AT 17:15:17  Reply

    Awesome tour and good itinerary! Nicolina was our guide and she showed us a beautiful north part of Montenegro. I highly recommended thist tour!

  • 14.06.2018 AT 15:16:24  Reply

    Very good tourguide, very likeable. I had a very good time and would highly recommend this Tour to anyone :-) thank you so much!

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    Nice weather, nice scenery and nice tour guide

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    The tour is really great. Our tour guide Slobodan is excellent in giving us the narratives of the places and we truly enjoyed ourselves during this trip!

  • 17.05.2018 AT 15:21:15  Reply

    The North Montenegro tour on 11.5. was wonderful! Our tour guide, Slo, was extremely knowledgable and helpful throughout the day. Even though there were a lot of stops, I never felt rushed or pressed for time at any of them and was able to truly enjoy each experience. I was especially grateful that we were able to walk up to the Ostrog Monastery alongside those completing their pilgrimage in celebration of the feast of St. Basil. The tour was extremely well organized with good timing, great food and Slo could not have been a better guide!

  • 17.05.2018 AT 14:25:49  Reply

    Slodbodan was a fantastic guide and the driver was great as well.

  • 06.10.2016 AT 17:02:22  Reply

    Hi, we are 3 adult interested in this Tour for 05/23/2017 please but we have a concern. We want to take the whole Trip of course but we want to see also the Tara Canyon and we know the best part is going down from The Tara bridge south to Mojkovac and Kolasin ( only for the views is ok) then to Ostrog Monastery(if we can't enter into the church it is ok, just to see it from outside is ok). We are not worry about the departing or returning hours from and to Kotor or paying more expensive. Can we do this Tour like this please: Kotor, Perast, Durmitor( the views of Nevidio Canyon for the stop for lunch is ok and Black Lake also is ok too ), Tara Bridge and Tara Valley, Ostrog Monastery?. We can fit the Trip to the time, the traffic, the length of the stops(shorters maybe) and so. Please let me know if this possible and how much. Thank you so much in advanced.Abelardo Reguera

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