Tara River Rafting - An exhilarating and scenic rafting experience

Tara Rafting

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Tara River Rafting - all inclusive


An exhilarating and scenic rafting experience on the wild and pristine Tara River. Enjoy thrilling whitewater interspersed with beautiful tranquil stretches; jump from a 6 meter high cliff; swim and take a shower under a waterfall - Seize the day! Along our spectacularly scenic journey to the northern reaches of Montenegro we’ll pass along the baroque town of Perast, Kotor/Risan Bay and Salt Lake near Nikšić. You’ll also enjoy scenic views of Piva Lake and the dramatic Piva Canyon, with 56 handmade tunnels within 30 kilometers distance. We’ll stop to savor delicious local food and have a stunning view from 220 meter high dam over Piva river.

Meeting point is in front of "360 Monte" Travel Agency office in the Old Town of Kotor.

To check exact location on a map, please click HERE.


  • REQUIRED: 4 people minimum, everyone can participate
  • DURATION: up to 12 hours
  • INCLUDED: FULL DAY transport by mini-bus or mini-van, PROFESSIONAL TOUR GUIDE IN ENGLISH, breakfast, lunch, full gear (wetsuits, footwear, life wests, helmets), professional skipper with international license, tourist tax, insurance, waterproof bag for cameras
  • WHAT TO BRING: ID CARD, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, camera
  • HIGHLIGHTS: photo stop at Perast, view above the bay of Risan, Salt Lake, Piva Lake and Piva River Canyon, 56 handmade tunnels, 220 meters high dam "Mratinje", rafting, local food.

A dynamic, exciting and unforgettable experience that combines whitewater rafting, astonishing natural landscapes and the best local food!

Tara River

Tara River

Age, rafting and swimming experience are non-factors. Our professional and helpful rafting guides will insure that everyone enjoys a safe and thrilling adventure.

Tara River

Tara River

We start Tara Rafting Tour from our meeting point at 7:00 am.

After 20 minutes our first brief stop is the small baroque town of Perast, where we’ll see two famous islands – Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George – a perfect photo opportunity!



As we ascend above Risan Bay the magnificent views escalate - so, we stop to take photos of the rising sun above this majestic panorama. Leaving the Bay of Kotor behind, we continue to traverse ranges of lofty peaks.

Risan Bay

Risan Bay

We soon pass by Salt Lake, located near Nikšić, the second biggest city in Montenegro.

Another hour of driving takes us along an especially awe-inspiring vantage of Piva Lake – near Plužine town.

Piva Lake

Piva Lake

Piva Lake is 45 kilometers long and almost 200 meters deep! This is the largest artificial lake (reservoir with drinkable water) in the Balkans.
We’ll take a quick top at the 220 meter high dam – where you can view the wide and deep turquoise water on one side – the narrow ribbon of river discharge on the other.

Piva River afer the dam

Piva River afer the dam

We continue our Tara Rafting tour through the Piva River Canyon, unquestionably one of most dramatic and breathtaking road passages in Montenegro.

Piva River

During about 30 kilometer distance we’ll drive through 56 hand-made tunnels which harmoniously blend into the natural landscape.

Piva River Canyon

Piva River Canyon

On the sharp cliffs and high steep walls of the canyon take note of the Black Pines that grow strait from the solid rock. Some of these trees are over 450 years old and can grow to heights of 30 meters.

It’s around 10:45am and we’re finally at our ultimate destination – the Tara River.

Tara River

Tara River

A traditional Montenegrin homemade breakfast is served at a restaurant along the riverbank, from which you can see into Bosnia (the river is a natural border between two countries).

Everyone is completely outfitted for the river adventure - all you’ll need is a swimsuit to wear underneath (cotton shirts or underwear are not recommended)

We’ll then board mini-vans to head towards our rafting launch point - 30 minutes away.



Allow the adventure to begin!

Tara River is one of the natural wonders of Montenegro - along with being its longest river (144 km). Known as the “Tear of Europe”, due to its pristinely clean, drinkable water.



The Tara is the deepest (up to 1,300 meters) canyon in Europe and second deepest in the WORLD (just after the Grand Canyon of Colorado!) Transparent blue, green and turquoise waters clearly expose every rock and fish through our river course - understandably, your adrenaline-pumped attention may be elsewhere!



There are numerous waterfalls descending from the surrounding cliffs – the most renown being Skakavica – with a water temperature which never goes above 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 F) where we stop for “an ice shower” and drinks at Bosnian land (passing to the other side of the river).

Waterfall is in the background people

Waterfall is in the background people

The section of the canyon we’ll descend is 18 km long - with 21 rapids out of a total of 50 that exist on the Tara River.

Licensed professional skippers will take care of you and make your day unforgettable!

Do not expect to finish rafting dry

Do not expect to finish rafting dry

For all adrenaline seekers, ask your skipper to point out cliffs and rocks particularly good for jumping into the water! Just make sure your GoPro is on!

Along the river we’ll have stops for jumping and swimming. Wet suits will help a lot but have in mind that river is cold all year around.

Difficulty ratings of rapids varies from 2 to 4+, depending on the time of the year (typically strongest in April – June)

Tumbled up and soaked, but happy!

Tumbled up and soaked, but happy!

The flowing river takes us back to the base camp, where we change back to dry clothes and enjoy a delicious traditional Montenegrin lunch.

Around 4:00 pm we are likely ready to hit the road back to Kotor.

Sunset along with the road

Sunset along with the road

We’ll continue towards and arrive back in Kotor around 7:30 pm.

When applying, please have in mind summer traffic jams and unpredictable delays on sites - so the return time could be later than proposed.

We always do our best to respect the time schedule.

Thank you.


07:00 am Start from Kotor

07:20 am Photo stop at Perast

07:40 am Photo stop above Risan Bay

10:00 am Arrival at Plužine, photo stop

10:20 am Photo stop at dam Mratinje

10:45 am Arrival at Blue River Rafting Camp, breakfast break, outfitting

11:30 am Departure to rafting starting point

12:00 pm Start rafting (rafting duration depends on the river speed – stops for swimming, optional cliff jumping and visit to waterfall “Skakavica” along the way)

03:00 pm Return to the camp, changing and lunch break

04:00 pm Scenic drive to Kotor

07:30 pm Finish in the Old Town of Kotor


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  • 25.07.2018 AT 14:19:57  Reply

    In my week in Montenegro myself and my partner went on two tours through 360.Monte the Tara rafting tour (with Luka) and the Great Montenegro tour (with Jelena) - both were well organised with really friendly, informative guides. I would recommend the tours to anyone who is in Montenegro and actually wants to see the country not just the beach/pool!

  • 25.07.2018 AT 09:04:42  Reply

    This tour was definitely one of the highlights of my trip! It came as described but the experience exceeded my expectations. Rafting the rapids was so amazing and the views from the river were phenomenal. I can’t rave enough about this tour! Breakfast and lunch were fantastic and our tour guide was good fun. I’ll definitely do this again.

  • 24.07.2018 AT 15:05:59  Reply

    An unforgettable day kayaking on the Tara River. Great food, comfortable transportation and amazing scenery! Thank you so much!

  • 22.07.2018 AT 18:44:19  Reply

    Amazing trip! Our guide, Luka was very professional, nice and had a lot of knowledge to share. Our driver was very good, and we felt safe all the time. The breakfast could be better but ok.

  • 18.07.2018 AT 14:14:39  Reply

    Our guide Luca was brilliant. Very patient, good humored and nice. Couldn’t ask for a better guide. Breakfast and lunch was very nice and loads to eat. The river skippers were very good too and we really enjoyed our trip. Neal (Ireland)

  • 11.07.2018 AT 14:54:17  Reply

    Our family of five had an awesome day river rafting. The river is incredibly beautiful and the guide was excellent. We felt very safe. It was the perfect amount of time on the river. The food was pretty good. The meat was cooked in a traditional way which was really interesting to try. A very memorable day!

  • 03.07.2018 AT 12:17:01  Reply

    We had a fantastic day, Slobodan was an excellent tour guide.

  • 20.06.2018 AT 14:14:11  Reply

    An amazing tour with a great guide (Luka). Rafting on the Tara river is a must!

  • 07.06.2018 AT 14:30:16  Reply

    Very nice trip, well organized!

  • 25.06.2017 AT 18:13:41  Reply

    AbsOlUtely amazing tour! I'd recommEnd to anyone that wants to explore the beauties of montenegro whilst throwing in a bit oF adventUre. The tour guides are brilliant and go above and beyond to make Your day more than you could ask for.

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