Step into the realm of unparalleled adventure with 360Monte, and experience the Tara River Rafting from Kotor. The yearning for freedom, outdoor thrills, and the exhilaration of embracing the unknown helped us craft our all-inclusive rafting tour on the Tara River, promising a safe, memorable, and utterly thrilling journey.

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    At 360Monte, we pride ourselves on curating experiences that delve deep into the heart of Montenegro’s astounding beauty. Our rafting tours venture through the dramatic Tara River Canyon, the deepest canyon in Europe. You’ll navigate electrifying rapids and enjoy serene stretches of the river, surrounded by breathtaking views of cascading waterfalls, lush forests, and towering cliffs. All this is aimed at satisfying your innate desire for freedom and exploration.

    Our all-inclusive Tara rafting tour is here for everyone, from seasoned rafters to novices. Our professional skippers will guide you through the river’s adrenaline-pumping rapids and ensure you’re well-versed in safety procedures while having a rafting experience of a lifetime. We provide all necessary equipment, placing your safety and comfort as our highest priorities.

    Yet, the experience we offer goes beyond the white-water thrill. The true adventure involves immersing oneself in the environment and the scenic ride toward the rafting camp. On the way to our rafting tour, you’ll make stops at spectacular locations such as a photo stop at Perast, a photo stop above the Bay, and the Salty Lake near Niksic. Each of these locations offers a unique perspective on Montenegro’s captivating beauty.

    One of the tour’s highlights is a stop at the Mratinje Dam in the Piva Canyon. Here, you’ll have an opportunity to marvel at the extraordinary engineering achievement and the dramatic landscape it’s nestled in.

    Another integral part of our all-inclusive tour is an authentic Montenegrin culinary experience. Before and after the rafting thrill, we’ll have a hearty breakfast near Niksic and a fantastic lunch at the camp, promising a gastronomic delight that complements your adventure.

    Our commitment is to provide a seamless, worry-free adventure. Our all-inclusive rafting tour package covers everything from transportation from Kotor to the Tara River, professional skippers, all rafting equipment, meals, and English speaking tour guide who will accompany you throughout the day.

    In conclusion, if you’re seeking an adventure that blends thrill, exploration, freedom, and a dash of Montenegrin culture, look no further than our Tara River rafting experience. With us, your rafting adventure will be more than a journey; it will be a cherished memory. So, gear up and get ready to ride the waves of adventure with 360Monte!

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    Can I swim in the Tara River?

    Yes, you can swim in the Tara River. However, it’s crucial to consider safety precautions due to the river’s fast-flowing nature, especially during the rafting season. Swimming is generally safer during the summer when water levels are lower, and the currents are calmer. Always follow local advice and safety guidelines before entering the water.

    How deep is Tara River?

    The Tara River varies in depth, with some parts being shallow enough to wade through while others can reach significant depths. The river’s deepest point is about 12 meters (39 feet). The river’s flow and depth can change with seasons and weather conditions.

    What is the longest River in Montenegro?

    The longest river in Montenegro is the Tara River. It extends for a total length of approximately 140 kilometers (87 mi) within Montenegro, and overall, it spans 218 kilometers (135 mi) when including its flow through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    How deep is Tara River Canyon?

    Tara River Canyon’s deepest point is 1,300 meters (4,300 feet), making it the deepest canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world – right after the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.

    How tall is Tara River Bridge?

    The Tara River Bridge, also known as the Đurđevića Tara Bridge, is an awe-inspiring piece of architecture standing approximately 172 meters (564 feet) above the Tara River. This five-arched concrete bridge is one of Europe’s highest of its kind, providing a breathtaking view of the Tara River Canyon.

    What are the best things to do on Tara River?

    There are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy on the Tara River. The most popular is undoubtedly Tara rafting, providing an adrenaline-fueled ride down the river’s white-water rapids. Besides, you can swim in calmer river sections or enjoy fishing. Hiking along the river’s trails offers stunning views of the Tara River Canyon. Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to cross the Đurđevića Tara Bridge, and if you’re brave enough, you can try zip-lining across the river for a truly unforgettable experience. Check out our North Montenegro Tour to experience the zip-line at Tara Bridge and more.